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So very tired. The heat and humidity has really taken it out of me this weekend. Can I just give a shout-out to the guy (I'm just assuming it was a guy, which is pretty sexist of me, could have been a girl I guess) who invented the air conditioner? Go them.

Bought some new shoes (white quasi-espedrilles), some hoop earrings and a brest cancer wristband. Funny how shopping cheers one up.

My roommate gifted me with some yummy kiwi-flavoured soap from Lush. Love that store. She's all frantic because she's going to England/Europe next week and doesn't feel organised. I am trying to be a calming influence.

Oh boy. I am so in bed soon!


By crikey it's hot. I love my air con!

In other news, I haven't had a smoke today yet. Though I felt like having one when I learned that another one of our team members at work is close to walking. Hmmm. I'm not trying to give up or anything, just want to cut back to what I was before I moved to the city.


Went and saw The Illusionist with nawl_v - very good, loved the costuming and direction, and Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti are always awesome. Bought a dress, and Nawl cooked me dinner the lovely lady!

Today it was perishingly hot, so didn't do much other than go for a swim at Flyboy's place.

He's found out about this LJ. Well, he knows I have an LJ, but fortunately he know yet what my username is or anything. I asked him not to try to find out because I'm not comfortable with him reading everything I've blogged about him - or any of my previous infatuations! And I so do not want to have to take the step of going friends-only.

Supernatural hotness

*Wow, it's still hot.

*Supernatural had Tara from off of Buffy on it. It was a surprisingly slow episode, saved only by her utter coolness.

*An American friend I met when I was on tour in Thailand is coming to visit on Thursday. Dude, when you impulsively invite people to visit you when they're in your country next, I didn't think they actually took you up on it. What am I going to do with him for the afternoon?? The best I can come up with is taking the CityCat to South Bank and having dinner... Brissie flisters, help?

*This icon is like me and Flyboy this evening on the couch during the ads of Supernatural. We're so cute.


Am getting my first taste of Brisbane humidity. Oh lordy, it's been muggy. I fear that the weather will finally break by the weekend though, thus ruining my Australia Day weekend plans for beach-going. Crossing my fingers though for some fine weather!

The idea was that we were going to try to get a unit for the weekend but everywhere was either booked out or too expensive. nawl_v came up with the fantastic idea of staying at the YHA at the Gold Coast but I didn't book it early enough (I'm blaming Flyboy, he's distracting. No, actually it is my own stupidity and slackness... ) and we missed out. So maybe we'll just go for a day trip instead. There will be photos!

erjika, I got your postcard today! 'Tis awesome, thanks darl! Your request for more photos has been heard and I promise to put up some more picspams soon :) Ah, the wanderlust, it is strong!

Flyboy stayed away this afternoon so I could get my laundry done. He still called though. He's a nice boy. He's also a brave one; he's meeting me and my workmates for drinks tomorrow afternoon. Poor thing's going to be given the third degree... O_o


Moving day tomorrow!

N got a new job yesterday, so we shared a bottle of Asti last night and sat up smoking and giggling. Ah, good times.

It's bloody hot.

HG wore jeans to work yesterday - DAMN he makes them look good. He is changing jobs in two weeks though. That makes me a sad panda.