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A busy week - well, a short week due to the Easter Monday holiday but it felt loooong. At work, I caught a girl who fell down and fainted. Win! It was quite dramatic.

nawl_v and I went to Supanova yesterday, and saw Aaron Douglas, Ron Glass and Billy Dee Williams. Unfortunately don't have time to blog about it all right now, but suffice to say Aarong was *amazingly* funny, Ron was entertaining and Billy was disappointing to say the least!


I must get to EzyDVD ASAP.
My poor credit card won't know what hit it.

BBC P&P for only $25??? I've been holding off getting it for MONTHS as it's usually $50-60!!
*bounces with excitement*

Also must have: Amelie, Briget Jones, CASANOVA, Mansfield Park, Ever After, Notting Hill and possibly Jane Eyre and Persuasion (despite me not even having SEEN the latter two).
nawl_v, you will no doubt want Lady Chatterley's Lover ;)


Also, Supanova is tomorrow. We're going to see Summer! Yays!