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Xmas shopping online rocks. They have everything in stock, no smelly people and no lines.
*happy sigh*
Nawlly, I now officially have all your present :)

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So very tired. The heat and humidity has really taken it out of me this weekend. Can I just give a shout-out to the guy (I'm just assuming it was a guy, which is pretty sexist of me, could have been a girl I guess) who invented the air conditioner? Go them.

Bought some new shoes (white quasi-espedrilles), some hoop earrings and a brest cancer wristband. Funny how shopping cheers one up.

My roommate gifted me with some yummy kiwi-flavoured soap from Lush. Love that store. She's all frantic because she's going to England/Europe next week and doesn't feel organised. I am trying to be a calming influence.

Oh boy. I am so in bed soon!


Didn't make it to Shrek 3 - decided against it when we saw all the HORDES OF CHILDRENS. Went to Zodiac instead with Flyboy and roomie L. Very good movie! Chloe Sevigney looks like Robert Downey Jnr in drag however. Too long though. These days it seems anything even a minute over an hour forty is just too much effort. Laziness? Or just jaded cinema-going disillusionment?

Also on my day off (I get a rostered day off now! Yays for permanency!) watched Bus Stop. Marilyn is a goddess. But we all already knew this. What a great movie! He was a bit of a pig though - but I guess he learned his lesson by having the shite beat out of him. The best way, I find.

Went to Harbourtown (wholesale shopping place down the coast) today. Intent on buying a big quilt for the bed but couldn't find anything reasonably priced. Bought baby things for the new additions instead (two of my cousins have had baby girls in the past month). I even found what I have been looking for the entire time they were pregnant - a little fluffy hat with ears on it! AWWWWWW SO CUTE.

Flyboy even went in to the baby clothes store with me. He didn't look very comfortable but at least he didn't run away screaming. We're both getting better at putting up with each other when the other is being stubborn.

Public holiday tomorrow! Queen's Birthday. I understand it is not actually her birthday but my care factor is exactly zero. All it means to me is a day off work - paid! Yee-ha!

I have drunk too much tea over the weekend. Ys.

Oh dear.

You will never guess what I found on the kitchen bench this afternoon.



Secondary to the question of how it got there, how on earth did it die? Did it just... suddenly have a heart attack? nawl_v thinks it must have eaten some rat-sack somewhere.


I threw it down the back of the garden, wrote a sternly-worded note to my housemates and went shopping :) Nawl got two lovely outfits for her b'day events on Saturday! And we had lovely gnocci for dinner. Yum.

Also, we found a shop that sells American chocolates and had peanut butter M&Ms. YUM.

In other news, Flyboy has been calling every night to chat. He had to work on a plane that crashed and people were injured and stuff. It was all bloody and gory inside. Ugh. Nobody died though, thank the gods.


I boughted a new mobile telefonica. It r a Nokia 6101. I am in LUV.

Resisted the urge to get a pink one, but it has a camera and everything! I feel all modern and c00l now.

Also ported my number over to Vodaphone. In no way at all do I feel like I'm betraying Telstra - they've never given me jack for staying with them!

I am going to have a Tiger beer this afternoon - at the bar by the river. Bliss! I am bone weary today. The fact that it's a hot afternoon and the cricket is on are probably contributing factors. Having the cricket on the telly in the background always makes me want to go to sleep for some reason. I think it has something to do with childhood... *shrug*


Hot Guy gave me his phone number. I shit you not. This kidn of thing never EVER happens to me.

And now, of course, I'm over-analysing it, thinking what does it REALLY mean? etc. I'm going to drive myself around the twist though so I've decided two things: stop stressing about it and promise myself never to abuse the privilege of actually having the phone number. Which includes no drunken texting or random late-night calls. Am going to let him call me. Thank the gods I had enough sense (after I recovered from the shock) to give him my number in return!

Enough about old HG anyway. N and Nawl probably think I've gone cuckoo the past few days with all my blathering.

Went for drinks in the city with nawl_v last night and also had pancakes for dinner. Mmmm... pancakes. Tonight I've been invited to a party hosted by a girl at work, but it's Horse Bitch (have I mentioned her? She's the obsessed-with-horses and also major-crush-on-HG girl) and I don't really want to go because it's across town and I have a horrible sinking feeling it's one of those parties where everyone says they'll go because they feel sorry for the host and then pull out at the last minute. At present, I'm deciding whether to use the old standard 'family emergency' excuse or plead off that I've contracted the flu that's going around the office this week.

Actually my tummy doesn't feel that good today so maybe I will use the illness one? I also want to go get a manicure today or tomorrow but the effort of driving to the shopping centre just seems like too much. I need clothes for work too (it's starting to get hot) but I'm loathing the thought of spending money.

Also I want a new mobile with a radio in it and maybe an iPod for the train. And a plastic rocket and a pony.

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So after all that boasting about having access to broadband, my cousin's connection shit itself the very next day. Right after I was using it. I swear I didn't do anything! And it's remained broken as D has been away all week and I don't want to play with the settings for fear of breaking it worse.

Thus, I have been interweb-free for about 3 days now. The shakes are only now beginning to stop ;)

Work is ok, going to be in training for at least another 2 weeks I think.

Went shopping today, bought clothes, shoes, underwear and a book. A good haul.

Only three weeks until U2! I can't believe it's come up so quickly!

I'm sure I had heaps more to blog but I forget it all now. Surely it will come back to me.

Almost Friday

Caved in and bought Lily Allen. Just found out that listening to this girl on repeat makes me want to put on trainers and velour tracksuit and bounce about in a quasi-reggae fashion. And also wish I was as clever with words.

I also bought this month's Harlequin Regency Romance. It looks like a cracker - it combines not only my fave Regency setting, but a Scottish Laird, that staple of romance novels the world over. I hope there's kilts. *crosses fingers for kilts*

I also sold some more things on eBay! It's surprisingly easy. Though I still can't get PayPal to work properly for me, so I'm just getting paid via bank deposit or money order. Finally figuring out how to use the damned thing has inspired me - I might sell all my old video double-ups that I now have on DVD. And those two formal dresses hanging in the cupboard... *gets ideas about more things to sell*

The Weekend of Pirates and Time Lords

Had the biggest weekend with nawl_v. See her post here (contains DMC spoilers).

Went down Fri night and we went to see DMC. Oh. Em. Gee. Awesomeness. I think I'll devote a whole post to it, so stay tuned.

Saturday we went antique-ing (anticking? antiqueing? antiquing? *shrug*) in Paddington. They have so many awesome shops! Honestly, we shopped for hours, just looking at stuff and dreaming of the day when we'll be able to furnish our houses with gorgeous Victorian armchairs and four-poster beds. I have developed an interest in porcelain and checked out the various Royal Doulton, Royal Winton and Carltonware. I have decided I might start collecting nautical things - just for the sake of collecting something :) Royal Doulton has this one fabulous plate of the HMS Victory that I'd love. Nawl got a shiteload of vintage photos and postcards, which was awesome. There's one of this chick who is totally the female Stephen Fry, poor dear.

Saturday night we settled in to watch The Doctor. Oh, how I have missed thee, Doctor!! Ten is so manic, but then again I guess Nine was pretty manic too. I spent much of the episode making snide comments about Rose but it was great to watch the show on the telly proper, and not just my computer screen :p I never noticed before, but the Aussie boy from Coyote Ugly (Adam Garcia) is in this ep! He looks all grown up and serious in his suit, poor thing. He was the PM's assistant.

After that we decided not to be sad sacks and went out to West End for a drink. I actually managed to get Nawl into a pub! *faints with wonder* It was an interesting night as it's only my second weekend out since the No Smoking legislation came in. I must say it makes one's evening more pleasant. And that's coming from a smoker. I didn't feel the need to light up (much) and the air is certainly clearer!

Sunday we went shopping in the city, I came away with only one new CD (U2's Pop) and some bling from Diva, which I thought was very restrained of me!

How to spend lots of money in 24hrs

So I didn't go out and Irish it up at the faux Irish pub last night. I ended up going to the theatre to see a play called Stepping Out. It was about people in a tap dancing class. It was really good, actually.

Today I went to town with the sole mission of finding a frock to wear to Wedding #2 (The Marriaging) next Saturday. Thank gawd, I found something at long last at Portmans. I realised as I was driving home I didn't actually own a dress at the moment so it's nice to have something girly in my wardrobe now. Sure, it looked approximately 140% better on the hanger than on me, but it doesn't look bad. Score!
Then I went a little crazy at Diva and bought $40 of shiny jewelry. My bad. At least I have pretties now! Matching accessories RAWK.