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Quotes of the Moment - January

I'm sure I missed a month somewhere. Maybe. Oh well!


I think it's because I'm short. Yes, shortness discrimination, it is. See, I'm even typing like Yoda: surely the ambassador for all of us short people of indeterminate age. - _elvie

Note to self: phone Pope. - annlarimer

I'm not some weirdo, sitting at home, thinking I'm great for fooling people on the internet. BTW, if you are going to pretend to be somebody, pick someone cooler than me, like Christian Bale or something. - Nathan Fillion (on his myspace site)

I still resent the fact that there is no Norrington being promoted, but I still want to sex the costume designer. PRETTY. - jenavira on the POTC3 promo art

Make tea, not war - girl_76

My mother thinks he's 'a lovely young man', and you're not going to argue with my mum, right?!! - _elvie talks up John Barrowman

...and apart from that time I gave myself heatstroke wearing black PVC on a 42C day, and that time I broke two toes due to inadequate shoeage, I've never had anything but an entirely awesome time. - melphemone on the Big Day Out

... the furries generally seem pretty cool and don't try to sex you up if you're not dressed as an animal of some sort. Mostly they are cats and wolves. I would like to meet a giraffe furry, but so far that has not happened. Woe. - nostalgia_lj on Second Life

I'm getting my groceries delivered tomorrow. Feels vaguely decadent. I like it. - melphemone


Hells YEAH I've already pre-ordered it. And then I took half a Valium. - annlarimer on The Deathly Hallows
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Quotes of the Moment - December

I think I missed November because I didn't have a computer of my own for weeks. Tough biccies! Here's hoping these give you some chuckles as they did me.


Piratical antics make me happy. - jackieocean

Human interaction is overrated. - culurien

...I swear to god that first one was better than your average orgasm - melphemone on her first cigarette in ages

I was most excited about the lamp, until I took it home, opened the box, and smashed the glass shade against the metal base. This is why I shouldn't be allowed to live by myself. Clearly, I still need adult supervision. - _eb

Haha! I thought three point turns were supposed to be hard? I laugh in the face of their three pointyness. And also in the face of their turns. The whole lot. I laugh in the face of it all!!!1 - gwyddfid

Random thought: While Christmas shopping on Amazon, I saw that Mattel has a Twelve Dancing Princesses Barbie thing going on now. This is the most brilliant marketing strategy I have ever seen: in order to properly act out the story, you have to buy at least twelve dolls [thirteen, including Prince Derek]. [Prince Derek?] - cleolinda

Things are AWESOME. And that is why I never became a nun. Well, that and the boys issue. - spinooti

Man, did this movie make me glad there never was (and hopefully never will be) a Pern movie. Telepathic dragons are teh suck. - duncatra reviews Eragon

Fandom, I love you! Will you marry me? - thefourthvine
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Quotes of the Moment - October

Very few quotes this month, as I haven't had access to my computer to save things for a few weeks!

Yes, these things they look good on the Johnny Depp, who may best be described as the "master of his own fashion ship," but trust the Manolo, such things will not look good on you. - Manolo wades into the pirate fashion debate

In conclusion, cheese is made of teh awesome. Or hydrocarbons, depending how expensive it is. - nostalgia_lj

Maybe I could write The Internet's First Torchwood Slash. All you really need is two character names and some euphemisms. - nostalgia_lj

There are people woooo-ing in the street…I wish they were dead. - gwyddfid
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Quotes of the Moment - September

You all continue to amuse me.


It was the best course I’ve ever been on and even though I was sick as a dog for most of it, I got to spend the time with a group of people who hated John Howard as much as I do. If that doesn’t make a girl feel better, what will? - gywddfid

Today, Star Trek turns 40 years old, which means that the Enterprise is totally going to grow a ponytail and start dating younger star ships. Sweet! - Wil Wheaton

This just in, message from heaven: Overflowing with Aussies. Send more beer! - aussiepeach, the week that Steve Irwin, Colin Thiele and Peter Brock died

Bond at his best never thrilled me---but a Bond who will get beat up a lot, this I can get in to. - spinooti

I love this about my fandom. You think you've already seen/read/heard the most totally fucking insane thing anyone could do with it, and then you find something else. - nostalgia_lj

Oh, for the love of Pete. I'm having a conniption. - anastasia_says did not like the Qld Election results

Am currently very very very very awake. May have developed psionic powers. - annlarimer

I had a dream last night that the dw_anon meme jumped ten pages of comments while I was sleeping. When I start dreaming about an online anonymeme, I think I might have issues. - purple_smurf

Okay. How is it that someone has written a LotR/Star Trek crossover featuring Picard/Elrond but no one can see the OMG Brilliance of the Doctor and Q getting it on?! There's something wrong with the internets, people! - purple_smurf

The best part of my job? Touchscreen. Touchscreen is like The Future, guys, and I get to use it all the time. \o/ - jenavira

I am bored. Now I sit and refresh flist forevah. - gwyddfid

Cars and Smurfy are unmixy things. - purple_smurf

It's always a bit scary, when, after a night out, you wake up wondering who or what was responsible for your contacts being removed. - fbajet

Something has had the audacity to die under my bedroom window. It is putrid. I was glad though not to find a maggoty pigeon corpse when I went to look this morning. - nawl_v

It's funny how we always seem to think that we have crushes on movie stars. We don't really. Its just our minds creating shit to help us deal with the other shit that we put up with in every day life. - nawl_v

DT really does have a lot of teeth. - nawl_v loves Ten, really

Everyone's hair looks off in OoP. Neville looks like Hitler. - danisse on the new OOTP pics

How am I supposed to plan my future perving if the boy does not seem to be getting older? Damn! - lambchop33 on Daniel Radcliffe

Okay, I just saw the trailer, and it is Wolverine vs. Batman wearing Victorian-era clothing. I don't care anymore whether there's real magic or not. - culurien on The Prestige

My choice of song was easy. It was not going to be Britney Spears. It was not going to be Madonna. It was worse – the Backstreet Boys. Whilst I sang out "Everybody" I tried to imagine what could be more embarrassing. The fact that I was singing a song which repeats the line, "Am I sexual? Yeah…" in front of every work colleague in my building, or the fact that I was being recorded doing so. - Mark Morley, a Telstra blogger, of his entry in Telstra's Office Idol promotion

However else one may feel about him, John Winchester is quite the art journalist. Can Sam and Dean match his drawing and calligraphy skillz, or are their pages illustrated with stick figures and clip art? - annlarimer
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Quotes of the Moment - August

I refuse to bow to the cut! Yeah, I'm in a contrary mood.


Oh boy. I think The Shit is about to get very up close and personal with The Fan. - drakyndra

I hope none of you ever ever ever discovers what the smell of a fermenting banana is. Seriously. - queen_geek

Last night, I saw an ad for Bones on channel 7. I think I said, "hey, this looks like... could it be Bones? Yay, it's Bones and OH MY GOD IT'S A SHIRTLESS DAVID BOREANAZ!!!!!" Hi, hormones, I've missed you. - purple_smurf

Martha is a Rose clone. You can tell because even though she's a few years older and black and whatever, both of them dress like young contemporary women who have more or less heard of "fashion". And they both have eyes. - nostalgia_lj

The two Pirates sequels may have cost $600 million? What were they spending it on? I keep telling people, drugstore eyeliner is just as good as the fancy stuff, but no one ever listens to me. - cleolinda

I did get a Superman folder at Target, and found an old Aladdin folder from my early middle-school days. I am going to be the coolest kid in Geomorphology. - culurien

A message for the people of the world: LIBRARIANS ARE NOT PLOTTING AGAINST YOU. YOU'RE JUST CRAZY. - lizbee

Did you guys know that peanuts aren’t actually nuts? I only just found that out. I feel so betrayed! Like I don’t even know who peanuts are anymore. *sob* - gwyddfid

I HAVE WON AT LJ. WORSHIP ME! - nostalgia_lj

Dear Hugh Jackman,I could not possibly love you any more. Unless maybe if you chose two or more good roles in a row. In conclusion: heart. Love innle (and every member of her family) - innle

So yeah, I'm having noodles for dinner (which I have somehow managed to fuck up. Who fucks up 2 minute noodles? Boil until soft! Add flavour! Eat!) - melpemone

Today is Wednesday. Or, as I like to call it, "the day there is an off-chance that there will be new comics in my newsagents that the rest of the world saw months ago". - purple_smurf

Joss/Ego OTP! - purple_smurf

It was an essay test, so basically I spewed word vomit for forty-five minutes. Relevant word vomit, but word vomit nonetheless. - fbajet

What is it about lists? Are they like soft-shell crab with a mango coulis, where... actually I don't know where that's heading. Possibly to ADVENTURE! I made a list. - Joss Whedon

I wish somebody loved me to the amount of $250. - gyddfid

Who needs a spaceship when you have Morena and Joss? There's a sitcom RIGHT THERE, network people. I call this show Josena. - gossi

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Quotes of the Moment - June

Heeeeeeeere's Quotage!
*performs the Dance of the Amusing Flist*

What I have learned so far about Canada is that it does not meet what I believe to be an acceptable igloo and sled dog quota. - spectacular

I saw them and my first reaction was, "A cowboy? Wet? Doctor? In the hay? Turtleneck sweater? ARE YOU KIDDING ME, YOU FUCKER?". And then, once I was up off the floor, I rightclick saved like a mofo. - simplybeing on a particular Jensen Ackles picspam

So here we are, 06/06/06 and we aren't dead yet. Maybe it'll all kick off at 6 am (if Hell runs by GMT), when I'll probably still be awake - I promise that if Satan and all his minions should rise up I shall do my very best to defend us all. Unless they offer me really beautiful shoes, in which case you're on your own!- _elvie

It's harder than you'd think to vid DW to a song with the line "I feel like a Dalek inside." - nostalgia_lj

I have an idea: let's put Dr. Cox, House, and Sawyer on Craphole Island and see what happens. - wildcatlizzie

Did you see Brazil yesterday? Those guys aren't human. I'm convinced they're football-playing perfect alien/robot hybrids. Watching that team work around the top of the box is like watching Eddie Van Halen rip out Eruption in 1980. - Wil Wheaton

Self for the win. - melphemone

The way I feel about them goes beyond love to a far more disturbing place. - gwyddfid has new boots

Rowling should just start novelising the exploits of her fandom. I am glad I do not have a fandom, because I would totally lord it over them all like a bitch and make them do stuff for me like clean my house and send me presents. Oh, that I had an iPod. - nostalgia_lj on HP fandom

Took ladder and saw to another tree branch. Pwned it. Can now sleep without being disturbed by its noisy attempts at coupling with the roof. - annlarimer

Bought a new vacuum cleaner. Now the floor looks clean and not like a I’m a conceptual artist who has arranged dust bunnies on it in, in a postmodern attempt to comment on the new relationship between women and cleaning, or lack of it. - gyddfidd
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Icons - Quotes

Hello all. I decided to make icons with words on them - last time I did this they were well-received, so here I go again.

Some are quotes from my flist, some are just random. See below for the credits :)

A sample:

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Quotes of the Moment - May

Despite being away for a few weeks, I got a few :)


I can't even IMAGINE what they'll do for the third movie. Seriously. They will probably sail to Shanghai and hook up with steampunk robot ninjas. - cleolinda on the POTC2 trailer

Wanna know something that really annoys me? The ads for Smallville always look so exciting. I see them, and I think: 'Wow, that looks like a really good episode!', and so I watch it. And it's not. Fuck you, Smallville. - melpemone

So it just occured to me that there's something kind of disturbing about almost an entire (mostly male) fandom getting really, really excited about a man shooting first. Or am I just a hopeless pervert? - duncatra

Two new trailers: Superman Returns and Casino Royale. I haven't watched either one yet, as I'm about to go wash my hair, but I am thinking they will not have any kraken. - cleolinda

Alcohol makes me want to make out, and I have no one with whom to accomplish this. This angers me. - queen_geek

In other news, I fell asleep whilst riding a horse today. *facepalm* It was only for about 30 seconds, nobody came to any harm and I don't think anybody noticed, but still. - _elvie

I would totally make up my own set of rules for a pirates Monopoly and basically, there would be no rules. They would be more like guidelines. - jackieocean

Um... it's kinda like a cross between an opium den and a crack house. - my tour guide describes our accomodation in Melaka

I've had sex with heaps of girls, but I've never actually MADE LOVE to a bird, y'know? - guy on my tour who will remain anonymous to protect his manly pride
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Quotes of the Moment - April

I must hasten to assure you peoples, despite the plethora of OMGARGGHH posts lately, I am totally fine, just a little stressed and in need of venting.

That said, now with the quotes! If it appears that I am a toad-eater for nos this month, it's only because her turn of phrase cracks my shit up. The rest of you need to TRY HARDER.

Also, I am too lazy to cut this. You'll just have to deal, I'm afraid.


'Ice Age' Debut Nets $70.5M in Cold Cash. Meanwhile, Basic Instinct 2 makes $3 million. Yes, "three," single digit. An interesting theory I'm hearing from a couple of different places: in a nutshell, why pay $7-10 to see Sharon Stone naked in a crap movie when you can get porn on the internet for free? - cleolinda

Oh dear lord, I think I'm becoming immune to wine. Is that a thing that can happen? Because seriously, I'm nearly done with this bottle and look...I can type. - gywddfid

I have finded my squee again. YAYZORZ! = nostalgia_lj

It's fucking hilarious when you consider that the discussion/argument boils down to "Doctor/Rose is better than Doctor/Rose" but I can see the point. - nostalgia_lj on the Nine vs. Ten debate

God, Tennant wins at face. - lornelover

In other news, I love it when people think my hair is naturally auburn. It makes my day, because they're usually all 'But your colouring and your personality are totally suited to red hair!' and I'm like, 'I KNOW, I am witty and vivacious and totally deserving of a Gilbert Blythe, kthx.' - queen_geek

My fandom has arguments about whether a character is better or worse than himself. Can your fandom do that? Do not answer if your fandom is DS9. - nostalgia_lj

I want to be Catholic when I grow up. Based entirely on Nuns on the Run and The Pope Must Die. It looks like it could be quite fun. - nostalgia_lj

Oh Maynard, if you'd like some babies I will cheerfully incubate them for you... - melpemone loves Tool's new album
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