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Watched the latest Pride & Prejudice yesterday afternoon. I just felt like some Mr Darcy. I mean, don't we all sometimes?

I was overwhelmed by the realisation I now have not one but TWO equally delectable flavours of Darcy to choose from since I now have both the BBC version and the Keira one on DVD. I am so lucky.

I chose Matthew Macfadyen mainly because the new version doesn't go for six hours but also because he's just so lovely. And watching it more closely this time around I just saw so much more in what he does with the character - he's almost totally closed but at times his glance just slides sideways for a second and you can see what's in Darcy's mind. Mainly Lizzy, actually :) He really does have the most beautiful eyes. And the way he looks at Lizzy sometimes just makes my heart skip a beat. Damn, I wish a man would look at me like that.

Or even the way Bingley looks at Jane. Ah, Bingley. His facial expressions... I just want to hug him for most of the movie. His suits look so nice to hug him in.


So now I'm screencapping the movie, focusing on Darcy's expressions, Darcy's hands (swoon), Bingley's expressions, beautifully framed shots and also household items like glassware, teasets and cutlery. There will be icons!

P&P/RL = OneTrueCrossover!

This is the sweetest thing ever.

According to something I read on IMDb ages ago and now cannot find the link for, Mr Bingley (Rupert Friend Simon Wood) and Jane (Rosamund Pike) are maybe going out.

And now Lizzy and Wickham are having couple snuggles too.

Aw, bless. It also leaves Mr Darcy free to date me. Woohoo!

Yes, I know he's not a real person. Shut up.

ETA: Yeah, I stuffed up. Bingley is Simon, not Rupert. Duh! I may or may not have been about to fall asleep on my keyboard when I typed this entry last night.
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*happy sigh*

My P&P soundtrack came today. 'Tis lovely. *strokes CD cover lovingly*

Y'know, the more I think about it, the more I am convinced maybe I shouldn't be hanging around waiting for my Mr Darcy to coming striding heroically through the mist. Now I'm thinking I want a Mr Bingley. I would be perfectly happy with a Mr Bingley.


Must think on this some more.
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Pitter patter

'Tis raining! Novelty!

There is a worrying amount of cool lightning though. Worrying in the sense that for the past few weeks lightning = power loss, that is. Lightning itself is GnarLy kEwL.

In other news, I ended up ordering the P&P soundtrack online because I couldn't find it at my local Sanity. Cost me $3 extra but I get it in 3-4 days. W00t!

Oh, and Aussies? I heard a whisper of a rumour today one of the terror suspects arrested in those raids in Sydney and Melbourne the other night is a 'high profile entertainer'. Local radio said it was a soapie star, Triple J mentioned this morning it was a singer. Anyone know anything? Official sources tell me nothing.

Whilst I'm talking of current events, good to see the Parisian riots calming a bit. Boy, they like torching cars, that lot! 6000+ estimated gutted in the last two weeks of civil unrest!
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I was going to bet online for the Melbourne Cup tomorrow but Centrebet seems all too complicated and involves banking transactions and things. Oh well. I'm in the office sweep. My usual luck however is to draw the horse that comes last. *sigh*

Mary Bryant is good, but, to put it kindly, kinda "gritty". There are some traumatic scenes and plot bits. However, I am ignoring most of the hardship and starvation of the convincts and concentrating on the lovely JackDav angst. DAMN that man is hot.

Also, something I forgot to mention in my P&P review - not only are Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley the hottest males walking the planet to me at this moment, but MR WICKHAM is... well... absolutely stunning. Seriously. Cheekbones from here to next Tuesday (Xehra's fetish #257), skin like a porcelain doll and lovely, lovely blonde hair. He's actually like a taller, blonder Orlando Bloom. Scary. Rupert Friend is the actor's name, if I recall correctly.

Nanowrimo starts tomorrow. Suckers! Ha ha! Ha!

And now I must find Mr Bingley icons.
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