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Frakking motherfrakker


I missed the Nathan Fillion ep of Lost on Thursday night. I'd decided to give up on Lost as it was getting boring, not realising this was the only damn ep of the season I wanted to see! Bah.

Oh well. At least I can console myself with the POTC3 trailer! Days late!

Another big cliffhanger on Craphole Island

Just finished watching the final of Lost S2. This show is so much better when you can watch it without ads and in one big smush. Takes a lot of the frustration out of the slow-moving plot!

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So tell me your theories!! I want to know what you think about it all.
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La dee da

Last minute shopping for my trip occurs tomorrow. I fly on Sunday. Whee!

Damn, that bloody Hanso Foundation website is taking FOREVER to load on my dialup. It better be worth it.
< Later... > So worth it. Joop the orangutan is Teh Kewl.

Oh, and from now on? POTC2 shall be known in my journal as DMC. Because, y'know, my life isn't full enough of pointless acronyms working for Telstra. I actually have a Word document on my PC at work listing all of the stupid acronyms I've discovered so far. I print it out and give it to newbies when they look bewildered and say "Don't worry, you will soon learn the language once you have been immersed in our culture for a few months".

Stuff and... stuff

Morena Baccarin to be on Sgwun - not sure how I feel about this. Actually, I think I will actually start watching the show if she is on it.

My Geek Crush Wil Wheaton gets a job, and actually says "squee"

Also, spinooti reports there is to be a spin-off of BSG on the SciFi channel called Caprica. I haven't time to find any links about it at the moment though, sorry!

Am super-duper excited about Lost tonight, as we get to see the monster. Well, part of it, anyways. CHANNEL 7 HAS PROMISED ME FAITHFULLY THIS WILL OCCUR. If they fail to deliver this time... well, let's just say there will be some strong language in this journal tomorrow, mateys!


I am so stoked about Lost tonight. The telebishion has promised me I will find out what the monster in the jungle is!!1!

Then again, I am pretty sure nothing huge will be revealed. I've learned not to get my hopes up with this blasted show. More importantly, I've learned not to trust Ch 7's promotion of it.

ETA: Ripped off! It's Lost: Revelation. Because I'd love to spend an hour watching montages of everything that's gone before. Oh well. I might figure out a new theory about what the freaking hell is going on with this show...
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