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Almost Friday

Caved in and bought Lily Allen. Just found out that listening to this girl on repeat makes me want to put on trainers and velour tracksuit and bounce about in a quasi-reggae fashion. And also wish I was as clever with words.

I also bought this month's Harlequin Regency Romance. It looks like a cracker - it combines not only my fave Regency setting, but a Scottish Laird, that staple of romance novels the world over. I hope there's kilts. *crosses fingers for kilts*

I also sold some more things on eBay! It's surprisingly easy. Though I still can't get PayPal to work properly for me, so I'm just getting paid via bank deposit or money order. Finally figuring out how to use the damned thing has inspired me - I might sell all my old video double-ups that I now have on DVD. And those two formal dresses hanging in the cupboard... *gets ideas about more things to sell*


So they killed Kazaa, the pricks. No more free music for me. Dammit.

While I think of it, does anyone know the artist of the version of Hallelujah (sp?) that they used to advertise the season final of The OC? I liked it!

Also, I reallyreally want Lily Allen's CD which came out last week but I have only seen it at Sanity so far and I refuse to pay $30.95 for it. Even though its $21.95 online. Looks like I may be learning how to use iTunes, eh?