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Yays for the Doctor!

Aussie DW fans, luthien_black has pointed out that the first disc of S2 is on the EzyDVD website as being released on July 20.
Can I take bets on whether the ABC will actually air it before then? *evil grin*

In other news, my brother told me he was in a film clip for a "British pop star" the other day. Despite begging and threats, he won't tell me who it was until it's released, the bastard. I shouldn't get too excited though, what pop star goes to Lagos to film their videos?

I spent waaaay too much on clothes on Saturday. On the upside, a heap of new winter work clothes. Woo.

Also, I bought three balls of feather wool and a pair of knitting needles. Yes, you may faint now. I am knitting a scarf. We'll see how long this fad lasts.