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via Austenblog:

Politikgirl points out in the comments that the Classic FM article lists the air dates for the Jane Austen season as follows:

Mansfield Park: 18 March
Northanger Abbey: 25 March
Persuasion: 1 April
Emma (1997; repeat): 8 April

UK only, of course.

Regency rawks

So I'm perusing Austenblog, cruising for tidbits on the upcoming Austen Season when I spy a mention of ASH (that's Anthony Stewart Head for those Non-Buffy types). He goes by just plain Anthony Head these days it seems.

Hanyways, he's going to be in the new Persuasion, now competing with S&S for my fave Jane book now that I'm getting older.

Which reminded me that I totally saw him when I was in Bath two years ago. I saw him get out of a Jeep and go into the off-licence opposite the pub where I was happily sipping some fine local ale. I wondered at the time what he could be doing in Bath of all places, but perhaps he was there for Persuasion? It is a novel that requires Bath as a backdrop. But the timeframe feels wrong. Thoughts?


Persuasion 2007 casting news

Hey, that guy was in Casanova! He's hot. And ASH, bless. I hope this is good.
As I get older, Persuasion as a novel just gets better to me. People always call it her "more mature work" but I just love that there's romantic love in the world for women over 20 :) AND THERE ARE SAILORS. IN UNIFORM.

Ever notice how in Austen's world men in the Army (eg. Wickham) are Evil and men in the Navy (eg. Wentworth) are Good, Kind and The Best of Men? I rest my case.

I got mail!

celebrodiel, I got your postcard today!! Yay for foreign post! It's so awesome, with wee things written on the front about your home town. And lovely anniversary of Trafalgar stamps! *luffs* Thank-you darl!

Also, I finished Jane Austen's Guide to Dating. Sadly, it is actually a dating guide (who'd've thunk it?). I guess I was hoping it would be more about Regency courtship rituals - silly me. It was ok though. Full of Austen-y common sense.

My main issue, however, was that in it's wee quiz at the back it tells me I am most like Mary Crawford. WTF?? No way!

Meanwhile, I never in a million years thought I would fill my 100 icon spaces. But I cracked 90 today. That's a lotta icons. O_o Still need more Futurama and Weasley twins though.

Srsly, if anyone can point me in the direction of hot Weasley twin icons, I will love you forever.