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HP - Weasley is our King

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Let's see... what's been going on?

- I saw Harry Freaking Potter and LOVED it. Ironic that the actual plot involving the title of the movie is almost obliterated, but anyway *rollseyes*

- I'm starting to get obsessed with Twitter

- Worked overtime today. Tired. Blgh.

And nothing much else! What's been going on in LJ land peeps?

Oh and let me know if you're on Twitter! I need interesting people to follow :p


You know what's pissing me off just as much as losing most of my photos from the past 5 years? Losing all my beautiful LJ icons. I had so many. *sniff*

The ones I made I guess are all on photobucket, but the ones of other people's that I have collected over time? Gone. So I will be indiscriminately poaching my flist for a while I think - some of you have ones that are classics!

Also, seem to have completely missed all the Deathly Hallows fallout. Not sure if I actually WANT to microanalyse it, really. For the record though - I enjoyed it. It wrapped up most of the storylines well. Too-perfect ending was a bit of a bother however. At the end of the day though - I am a happy shipper! :)

An excellent point

cleolinda makes an excellent observation:

Most of the actors in Sense & Sensibility are in Harry Potter.
Check it out:
Elenor = Trelawny
Colonel Brandon = Snape
Momma Dashwood = Pomfrey
Charlotte = Umbridge
Sir John = Fudge
Sir John's mother = First Fat Lady

Now think about this: how cool would Hugh Lawrie (Charlotte's husband in S&S) be in the HP movies? Hawesomeness.

Speaking of The Lawrie, House is back on tomorrow night. I have missed that snarky bitch.


Hey is the new Harry Potter trailer out yet? Wantsss Precioussss....

ETA: Apparently we have to wait until Monday. Pout. Mugglenet.com has some good piccies however. Harry/Cho kiss for teh win!

Of interest

For those not currently onboard with f_w/Crazy HP fandom:
Snapewank 2006!
To which I can only say: what. the. fuck. are. these. people. on.

If you're too lazy to read the entire thing, don't miss this response in the comments from one of the ladies involved and this LJ post explaining why she thinks Snape is a real person. I am liking one of the comments: Get meds. Better living through chemisty. Bwa!

Pure gold.

Also, via elflady_2001 (thank god someone on my flist still has their finger on the pulse of LOTR fandom):
Talks going on for New Line to secure the rights to two LOTR prequels based on The Hobbit

Weekendness - in which I write too many long sentences

I went proper shopping for the first time in ages yesterday, and came home with Gosford Park, Bend it Like Beckham and Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth on DVD, that book about ships and dragons, Temeraire and a new, hip (I hope) red and white striped shirt. I would like to publicly thank nawl_v for being a faithful shopping companion as I ducked into stores that were two minutes from closing and insisted in trying things on.

Last night we watched bit of Robin Hood: Men in Tights and all of the first Harry Potter. I love the latter movie; all the kids are SO WEE!

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Also I had a dream about Luis from Passions. I have no idea if he is still on it (or if that show is even still going, to tell the truth), but I'm talking Hot, Hot, Hot Luis from about 5-6 years ago when I was still at uni and had time to watch soaps. And before I gave up in disgust when it turned into a whole wacky God vs. the Devil wankfest between Kay and that blonde thing. Whassherface. Harmony? Can't remember. Anyways, doesn't matter. The point is, it was a GREAT DREAM.

ETA: Did I mention this guy is HOT, HOT, HOT? I believe I did.

Movie rec?

Anybody see Fearless yet? I haven't read any reviews, but the trailer looks good. The one niggling little warning flare though is their insatiable use of the tagline "From the maker of Hero". Hmm, cashing in?

Also, is Snakes on a Plane worth my ticket money? I imagine this question is redundant since you will no doubt all chorus HELLA YES. I just want reassurance :)

I'm totally seeing a movie this weekend, just not sure what. On my own if need be! I need the escapism. Here's what else is on at the local that I haven't seen yet, anybody rec any of these?
Beyond the Sea
Clerks 2
(haven't seen the first one, so not much use seeing this yet... bad fangirl, I know...)
Thankyou for Smoking
The Lake House
(Jeebus, still??)
United 93
You, Me and Dupree
48 Shades
Curious George
Miami Vice
Silent Hill
Sione's Wedding

Also, if this news about OOTP is true, I will be an Unhappy Ron Fangirl.

Trolls, sockpuppetry and BNFs...

I have just spent the last hour reading bad_penny, a chronicle of the weirdest shit to go down in HP fandom, over at journalfen.

If you haven't checked it out already, the story begins here, kiddies.

I'm now thinking back to my fandom activities during that time and reaching one conclusion: thank Eru I was still in the throes of LOTR fandom!

*considers creating a sockpuppet to fangirl myself*

ETA: I've also been tinkering with my journal layout, and damn me if I can't get the header right. Please ignore until I figure out how to fix it. Any tips would be welcome at this point... I give up for this evening!

Kthnxbai xoxo!!1!! /tweenie

I don't know why I just did that. Lack of sleep? Damned football time difference!