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Football and dragons

Football is on tonight - State of Origin II for those foreigners interested. I just can't raise the enthusiasm - rather curl up with my book.

I have been reading the second book in the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik. I got interested when I heard PJ has optioned the movie rights, and then got hooked because it's basically the Napoleonic Wars re-written with DRAGONS. Awesomeness. So there's enough sea-faring adventure to keep the Naval fangirl in me squeeing, spiced up with some cool dragon-riding shit. I highly recommend these books.

Speaking of dragons, finally saw Eragon the other day. Rather surprisingly liked it - any thoughts from the peanut gallery? I was scoffing a bit at the stuff basically copied off the Pern novels :p

Football and demons

First up, my non-spoileriffic Supernatural season finale review:
But srlsy... what a great cliffhanger. Is it disturbing that I find Jensen 210% sexier when he's 1. bleeding and 2. unconscious? Yes, thought so.

Ok, so on to the World Cup.
For those of you who don't know, Australia lost to Italy 1-0 last night. We will now pause for a minute's silence.


Just kidding. I'm sad, I'm shattered, but I'm not inconsolable. I am focusing on the positive: look at how far our team has come in the last year! Remember drawing with the Solomon Islands, kiddies?? And now we've held our own against two of the best teams in the WORLD, Brazil and Italy. And hell, we have played a helluva campaign. I for one did not even drea we'd make the second round, and we did. Historically, it's a huge accomplishment to have even played in the World Cup this year. First time in 34 years we've made it, as I'm sure all my Aussie flisters already know :)

So now, I'm going to send a couple of HeroMessages (just because I just love doing it :p) and sit back and enjoy the rest of the WC without any stress.
I'll be cheering for England from here on in, just so you know :) I got accused of only liking Becks for his looks at work today, and was forced to become quite vocal about his MaD SkiLLz in defence. I think my workmates were winding me up. Bastards. But it's not David's fault he's pretty AND talented!!

versus Italia

So even though it's the Big One, I've decided not to get up to watch Australia v Italy tonight. I'm just too shattered from the past two weeks of very early morning football matches.
SBS will probably replay it as match of the day tomorrow afternoon, so I'll watch it then if it's a corker. Sorry, Socceroos, you know I love you all (some in a more sexual way than others), but I just can't do it live tonight!

Just checked the odds at Centrebet, they're giving $5.50 for a win and $4.00 for a draw, with stupidly short odds for an Italy win.

All I can say is... AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!

In other news, Mum has gone away. She's taken Nanna on a holiday on The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin. So we're babysitting the kitten, Grosby. Yes, he is incredibly kawaii still but also v. annoying. I swear he's got ADHD. If he gets into my feather wool for my scarf there'll be trouble.


Ok, so this is a post about day-old football results but can I just say...

... awesome game against Croatia, guys. I was seriously mesmerised by the final twenty minutes, I thought for sure we were dead, but Kewell just up and... wow, that was one sweet goal. Harry is my Hero of the Week for that one.

So now we play Italy. Like the Brazil match, I know we've got no chance, but I hope our boys give the Italians a good run for their money.

So does anyone know if we lose this one, are we out of the World Cup for good?
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Oi Oi Oi!

How awesome was the Austrlia vs Brazil match? I was so totally proud of our guys for their performance, I thought it was a bloody magnificent effort against the top team in the world. They never for a second looked outclassed, and they had some fantastic chances at goal but could just never seem to find the box.

I was so relieved we didn't get annihilated, I was actually happy when the score was 2-0! That last goal was just a lucky chance though, seriously ;)

I wouldn't be a good Telstra employee if I didn't plug our Bigpond Socceroos site. There's not much content there but I thought some of my fellow Aussie flisters might like to send their fave footballer a HeroMessage. I already sent one to Emerton... heissocute :p
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Ole, Ole, Ole!

Australia vs. Brazil tonight. Whee.

Do I think we have a serious chance of winning? No.

A little Malay man in Melaka gave me some good advice regarding our chances in the World Cup, which I'd like to share with you all now.

"Japan no problem. After that, Australia you hope and pray. Hope and pray."

Hell, all I want is for us not to totally humiliate ourselves. Or score a goal, even.

Still tossing up whether I will stay up/get up to watch it, as it's on at 1.30am. Hmm. Oh bugger it, it's a once-every-35-years event!
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Queenslander! Queenslander!

Dude, forget the soccer for a moment, the REAL footy was on tonight.

Qld totally kicked NSW's ass at State of Origin. I haven't enjoyed (or hell, even WATCHED) a match that good in a long time.

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