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A busy week - well, a short week due to the Easter Monday holiday but it felt loooong. At work, I caught a girl who fell down and fainted. Win! It was quite dramatic.

nawl_v and I went to Supanova yesterday, and saw Aaron Douglas, Ron Glass and Billy Dee Williams. Unfortunately don't have time to blog about it all right now, but suffice to say Aarong was *amazingly* funny, Ron was entertaining and Billy was disappointing to say the least!


The interwebs has taught me the following things:

How women pick mates versus flings - of course I am now applying this to my current boycrush situation. No firm conclusions as yet.

Nathan Fillion has a blog - which prove my theory that he is at least as funny as Joss. To me anyway.

Cameron and Chase from House are engaged. I don't have a link for this one, sorries.

Also, I bought seaQuest DSV S1 with part of my Xmas gift voucher. Fingers crossed it is as good as I remember. Dear lord, I used to have such a crush on Jonathan Brandis!