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Hello LJ did you miss me?

You know why I don't LJ any more? Because I barely have time in my life to scratch my ass. Nice image, I know, but hey. I've also started a 'real me' blog, one that I can share with my family and friends more comfortably.
Can't do that with LJ. It's got too much fannish silliness on it!

So I'm...
*still living in sin with the boyfriend. I guess he's a 'de facto' now, though nobody can give me a definate answer on how that is defined
*still at my job at the Communications Corporation of Death. I don't like it lots, but I don't loathe it. Been trying to get another job for about 6 months now. Nothing else out there in my city with anywhere near the pay I'm on currently. On the bright side, I may actually get a payrise this year.
*pretty out of fandom, though I do follow fannish things on Twitter. I watch a lot of cable TV now, so I'm all about the trashy shows - Toddlers & Tiaras, Hoarders, Kendra, The Soup.
*LOVING Stargate Universe. It's replaced the gap left by Battlestar Galactica. In face, it makes me feel like I'm watching the love child of BSG and Firefly. Good stuff!
*Strangely, also starting watching Xena: Warrior Princess every week, because SciFi channel started showing it from the beginning. It's just plain awesome. Does anyone know where I can find any academic stuff on the homoeroticism of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship? I know it's out there.
*Lately been feeling like I should save all my old fanfic from fanfic.net. Because my old computer (Pippin) blew up some time ago and I lost everything. Icons, photos, fic; everything. Sad sad panda.
*watching the Twilight fandom with astonishment and unease, but also amusement. Have read two of the books but am nowhere near being 'ínto' them. I did really enjoy the first Twilight movie though. It was a fantasic book adaptation, talk about page to screen.

So what you all up to?

Oh yes, and ozchick just reminded me, my country has a new Prime Minister! A female one! That's pretty big news.


So I got a notification email today that someone had added one of my old, old Star Wars fanfics as one of their favourites.
So I went and read it. You know what's super-weird? I don't even remember writing it.

So I checked my fanfiction.net profile - I have 28 fics archived there. Holy crap. I used to write a lot. But now I haven't written anything for ages. The last published fic on ff.net is 2005. The earliest was 2001. That's four years of writing. Wow.

Sorry, just getting nostalgic. Ficcing used to be so fun - it enhanced my fandom belonging and I loved the feedback, both good and bad.

I wonder why I stopped? Oh yeah. I got a job! Real life gets in the way. I think I need to take a leaf out of my list- and board-sibs of my golden fandom days. A lot of them were older women, working or bringing up kids. Shouldn't let real life stop me from participating in fandom!

Now, where the hell did I stash my LOTR boxsets??? :D

And yes I know I'm using a POTC icon for a M&C post. Pfft.

Ok, so now my hard drive is making alarming noises. I think it is the fan.
The monitor shit itself yesterday (we think it's the graphics card) but we have simply switched to my spare monitor.
And this afternoon I discovered that the disc drive will not read CDs. Music or data. I disabled and uninstalled the drivers to no avail. Arg. Any tech-y people out there with tips, let me know. I have new digital scrapbooking software to install and no drive to install it with!!!

In other news, still obsessed with Etsy.

Oh, and was checking out the top yuletide fandoms? And loving it. I am so bursting with the happy that people actually want Naomi Novik Temeraire series fanfic!!! OMGLUVS.

In other other news, I finished my O'Brien (The Mauritius Command) and am itching for new naval stuff. ITCHING. I even forced Colin to watch M&C with me again the other night. Feel the Maturin love. And the Galapagos... *sigh*


This weekend Flyboy and I drove down to Alstonville, which is a tiny town in the mountains inland from Ballina, in Northern NSW. Very pretty country, we enjoyed the drive very much - Flyboy because he loves driving his truck anywhere and the roads were especially windy; me because there were great views, and also I love driving in the truck with him :)

There was a Ute Show on in conjunction with the local rodeo, a very small affair, with only nine utes entered. Flyboy won Best Street Ute in the end, which was nice because he hasn't gotten anything in the last two shows we've been to.

Today we went for a drive up to Camp Mountain, to a lookout up there, and found a lovely little place with tables and BBQs. Filed for future reference, it would be lovely to get a bunch of people together and go up there one afternoon on a weekend and just chill out.

This arvo went over to nawl_v's and watched the first episode of Deadwood. Very good, though I found you have to concentrate really hard to figure out what's going on. No background music either - very unusual, but refreshing. I like Jane, she's cool. We also watched the 'lantis ep Duet, which was gut-bustingly funny. I <3 Rodney far too much!


Last night in our little fandom marathon, nawl_v and I watched:

High School Musical - extremely cheesy, cringeingly bad lip synching in some places but surprisingly fun. By the end even I wanted to bust a move on the gym floor with those fresh-faced youngsters.

Six Feet Under - we watched the pilot. Clever, dark, quirky, I think it's all already been said about this series. I'll be watching more, but I don't think it will become a beloved fandom to me.

'lantis S2 - we watched 'Runner', the one where Ronon is introduced. Whew. I concede he is hot. He's actually got that Eomer dirty-warrior thing going on in this ep. Loved the Rodney in this one too - every time he screams like a girl I just crack up.

Nawlly, I left seaQuest at your place. Please be taking care of The Brandis for me!

Also, Big W is having a massive DVD sale at the moment and I broke my vow of not buying any more - I got Mansfield Park (the recent one with Francis O'Connor in it), Bram Stoker's Dracula (Gary Oldman OWNZ me) and Clueless. Hawesome.

Has anyone seen The Queen with Helen Mirren? I thought the trailer looked good. Want to go see it or the dancing penguin movie today at some stage.


jenavira, your Xmas present arrived in the post yesterday! Thank-you soooo much, the necklace and bracelet are so beautiful! And so special since I know you made them :) I wore the necklace to work and they all ooo-ed and aah-ed over the little bells!

Also: POTC3 promo art. Holy cow, Elizabeth looks AMAZING! O_o

I hate men

Funny how much can change in a few days. Last post I was still in that blissful limerence stage with NB. Yesterday however, I was severely pissed off with him.

Basically, he's barely spoken to me all week, and won't answer any of my texts. Worse, I suspect he's back on with N, the other girl from work who he was seeing previously but who I believe is stringing him along (she's already got a boyfriend). I had to endure watching them flirt all day yesterday, and by the time I went to after-work drinks I was about ready to write myself off completely and then turn lesbian.
Lucky one of the gay guys in my team, who has been a great friend to me, was kind enough to hear me vent, and also offer to slam NB's head into his keyboard for me. I found out he loves Discworld, so I am sending him a heap of Hogfather stuff. I love finding new fandom friends.

But the morning always brings new promise, and I'm through the angry stage and into bland acceptance. If he's no longer interested in me, it's his loss. I just can't get over how much men lie when in bed. Do they know the shit that comes out of their mouth?

Am going to have a little fandom marathon tonight with nawl_v - 'lantis and seaQuest. Bring on the Shepwhoring and talking dolphins!

(no subject)

My boss sent me home early from work this afternoon because I was just so shattered from last night's concert. It was kinda humiliating. I kept trying to reassure her I was fine but she insisted, saying also that it was obvious I was also a bit stressed and tired and she doens't want me to "burn out".


Well, the new trainees are a bit draining on me, but I didn't think my stressing was that obvious. Am I that transparent?

God, I am tired though. Got 4 1/2 hours sleep. So worth it though :)

Also, Kaylee is going to be on 'lantis!. I love when my fandoms cross over. First Inara/Sgwun, then Captain Mal/Lost and now Kaylee/'lantis. Love.

Of interest

For those not currently onboard with f_w/Crazy HP fandom:
Snapewank 2006!
To which I can only say: what. the. fuck. are. these. people. on.

If you're too lazy to read the entire thing, don't miss this response in the comments from one of the ladies involved and this LJ post explaining why she thinks Snape is a real person. I am liking one of the comments: Get meds. Better living through chemisty. Bwa!

Pure gold.

Also, via elflady_2001 (thank god someone on my flist still has their finger on the pulse of LOTR fandom):
Talks going on for New Line to secure the rights to two LOTR prequels based on The Hobbit