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La la la

Have been watching The Force. It's kind of like Cops, but with less tasering. I'm a big fan of Border Security so of course I was bound to like this show, but I'm relieved it's not too silly. They covered a range of crimes tonight from a neighbour dispute to a murder manhunt.
Next week will be Tactical Response Unit stuff. Oh my. Just like SO19 on The Bill. SO19 makes me think of Smiffy. And Smiffy makes me grin like a goon because he is so freaking hot. Therefore young Australian policemen in Uniform = Hot.

Sorry, got carried away with links there.

I have an embarrassing 'thing' about men in uniform, it seems. But I'm sure as hell I'm not the only one, dammit!

So I checked out the eBay thing and yeah, I gotta pay the monies. Thanks for all your tips guys! I went direct to the eBay site and logged in, and sure enough there was an itemised invoice for the charges for selling my DVDs. It was like 75c for the listing fee and then they charge something called a 'Full Value Fee' which must be like so much percent of the final sale price. This was like $2-3 for each DVD so it did indeed add up to $25. *sigh*
Can't complain though - made over $300 for the lot of 'em in the end :p
Still haven't sold Ally McBeal though. It seems noone wants to view the antics of a quirky overly-romantic lawyer in short skirts any more.

Today at work my trainee got told not to come back until he's able-bodied. Y'see, he's had shoulder surgery and his right arm is still in a sling. The company has decided it can't risk him using the keyboard (which his physiotherapist agrees with) and causing himself further injury so they don't want him to come back to do training until he can use the computer. Poor guy, he was very frustrated. Very switched-on too, one of the best trainees I've had.

In other news, my relieving-2-up manager assumed I was married when we were talking today. Kinda freaked me. We were talking (I've never met him before, he's babysitting the centre while the normal guy's on leave) and he asked where I lived. I told him on the farm and he was all "Oh, so you married a farmer then?"
Beat. "Um, no, I live with my parents...." I could have died. How embarrassing! Still and all, it made me realise that I am totally of marriagable age. Which is silly because of course I am. But it brought home the fact that younger girls than I are happy mothers made. Or something.

eBay question

Does eBay actually charge you to list items? I remember reading somewhere in their FAQs about there being a fee for listing things and so many cents for adding extra piccies and such but hadn't thought too much about it. Am I just being ignorant and spacey?

And today I got a really weird email invoice supposedly from them asking for payment. This is the header:
eBay International AG
Helvetiastrasse 15/17
3005 Bern

Swiss VAT Number: 508 508
Company Number: CH-

I'm worried it's spam. Anybody know?

It wants me to pay them $25!! I thought it was only like $1 to list something? I've sold six things though. Help?
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Almost Friday

Caved in and bought Lily Allen. Just found out that listening to this girl on repeat makes me want to put on trainers and velour tracksuit and bounce about in a quasi-reggae fashion. And also wish I was as clever with words.

I also bought this month's Harlequin Regency Romance. It looks like a cracker - it combines not only my fave Regency setting, but a Scottish Laird, that staple of romance novels the world over. I hope there's kilts. *crosses fingers for kilts*

I also sold some more things on eBay! It's surprisingly easy. Though I still can't get PayPal to work properly for me, so I'm just getting paid via bank deposit or money order. Finally figuring out how to use the damned thing has inspired me - I might sell all my old video double-ups that I now have on DVD. And those two formal dresses hanging in the cupboard... *gets ideas about more things to sell*

Hello world, this is me

So, housesitting - not all it's cracked up to be. No wild parties or stuffing myself with food from the full pantry - nosiree Bob. The place is so pristine clean I'm afraid to mess anything up so I'm just sort of hovering about the place trying not to make anything dirty. This is mainly so as I don't have to clean up later :p On the upside: central heating. Truly a miraculous device gifted to us by the gods *nods*

I sold something on eBay! Oh gawd, now I'm freaking out about what to do next. I'm quite sure this means I have to go to the Post Office and actually post the darn thing. Eep!!

In other news, Jane Goodall was on Enough Rope last night - the BESTEST interview. I hate monkeys, but apes aren't that bad :D

I'm not taking my computer over to where I'm housesitting, it's too much faffing about, and I'll be home at the farm every second night anyways. Please carry on without me.


- I am selling some DVDs on eBay on behalf of linnyjane. Namely, the first 6 seasons of Friends and Season 1 of Ally McBeal. Very new to this whole eBaying thing, hope I'm doing it right. If you're Aussie and interested, comment and I'll post a link

- I saw the music video for Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox on Video Hits yesterday morning. Not only does it involve a French Restoration-style masquerade ball, it features John Malchovich (sorry, too tired to look up the spelling) and Hugh "The Prince Regent" Laurie. OMG!

- My cousin and his wife had a baby girl during the week. Everyone's getting married and having kids lately. O_o

- I'm going to be housesitting my boss' house in town for the next two weeks while she's gone to the NT. I'm going to be taking my computer but I'm not sure how easy internet access is going to be to set up, so I may be quiet online for a while.

- The bestest news of all: U2 have announced their rescheduled Australian tour dates. *does the Happy Dance* It's on Melbourne Cup day in Brisbane - bonus!


Arrrrrg, FUCK.

Sorry. I have been dicking around for half a bloody hour with PayPal trying to update my credit card info (they still had my old expired one on there) to pay for this fekking Lonely Planet book I won off eBay (don't ask - yet another of my disatrous forays into online auctions, I really should just NOT TRY)...

... but I think I've got it figured out now. Cross your fingers for me.

ETA: Sweet Lion of Zion, it fekking worked!! *does the Dance of Joy*
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