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So tonight Wow had a sale on that gave a discount to Telstra staff. I shit you not. How did they know we would all be receiving our $900 K-Rudd payments only 2 days before??

Anyways, couldn't resist. We haven't splurged on DVDs for quite a while but we came home with a bit of a haul...
- Hoodwinked
- Valiant
- 3 disc boxed set of Jurassic Park 1, 2 and 3

- Crimson Tide
- Hunt for the Red October
- K-19 (yes there is a submarine theme going on here)
- Sniper 1, 2 and 3
- Death Race (surprise, surprise)
- Major Payne (also my choice)
- Black Hawk Down (how did we not already own this?? and god I have lost the soundtrack too. again)
- Hostel II
- some thing with Al Pacino and Toni Collette I've never heard of
- 2 CDs of some rappers who cares

We had a bit of a disagreement over whether I already owned "Notting Hill". I'm sure I don't - I think he's thinking of "Love, Actually".

So anyways I'm in here trawling LJ whilst he's watching the 'Death Race' special features. Think I'll go to bed though. Cheers mateys!
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It's official - I have too many DVDs for my DVD rack.

Despite repeated vows to not buy anything new until I've watched everything I've bought, every trip to JB HiFi or Wow seems to end up in me walking out clutching a bag full of goodies and a feeling of guilt.

I partially blame Flyboy. He is more addicted to movies than me. Not only do we buy heaps, we rent heaps as well. And not just good stuff. Oh no. Last night he rented a movie about a megalodon shark with Antonio Sabato Jnr in it.

Recently I have acquired Wayne's World and its sequel (which sadly, we both know EVERY LINE of), Napoleon Dynamite (which Flyboy is determined to hate for some strange reason), The Devil Wears Prada and Memphis Belle, one of my fave war movies, and fave Sean Astin movies. Flyboy got himself Christine and Firefox. His tastes definately run more in the action/thriller vein, whereas I make a beeline for the drama/comedy stuff. We're working out our clashing tastes though through careful negotiation; ie. "Ok, I'll watch your 80s Stephen King movie if you sit through a British romcom with me..."

In other news, Flyboy has to have his wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Well, he's going to see the surgeon about it anyway, there's a good chance they'll whip them out then and there. Poor boy has been in pain for weeks with his freaky teeth (he's got an extra one apparently).

I also booked myself three nights at Coolum for the end of the week. Here's to lazy days, cocktail nights and some quality chilling time before I have to go back to work!


Last night in our little fandom marathon, nawl_v and I watched:

High School Musical - extremely cheesy, cringeingly bad lip synching in some places but surprisingly fun. By the end even I wanted to bust a move on the gym floor with those fresh-faced youngsters.

Six Feet Under - we watched the pilot. Clever, dark, quirky, I think it's all already been said about this series. I'll be watching more, but I don't think it will become a beloved fandom to me.

'lantis S2 - we watched 'Runner', the one where Ronon is introduced. Whew. I concede he is hot. He's actually got that Eomer dirty-warrior thing going on in this ep. Loved the Rodney in this one too - every time he screams like a girl I just crack up.

Nawlly, I left seaQuest at your place. Please be taking care of The Brandis for me!

Also, Big W is having a massive DVD sale at the moment and I broke my vow of not buying any more - I got Mansfield Park (the recent one with Francis O'Connor in it), Bram Stoker's Dracula (Gary Oldman OWNZ me) and Clueless. Hawesome.

Has anyone seen The Queen with Helen Mirren? I thought the trailer looked good. Want to go see it or the dancing penguin movie today at some stage.


The interwebs has taught me the following things:

How women pick mates versus flings - of course I am now applying this to my current boycrush situation. No firm conclusions as yet.

Nathan Fillion has a blog - which prove my theory that he is at least as funny as Joss. To me anyway.

Cameron and Chase from House are engaged. I don't have a link for this one, sorries.

Also, I bought seaQuest DSV S1 with part of my Xmas gift voucher. Fingers crossed it is as good as I remember. Dear lord, I used to have such a crush on Jonathan Brandis!

Nothing happened today

This afternoon I have done two loads of washing and washed up. How exciting is my life?

I need to decide what I'm going to spend my gift voucher on. I want it to be stuff I've been coveting for ages. Like BSG S1. Or SeaQuest DSV. Hmmm.

The guys at work today were talking about the new Transformers movie, so now I am downloading the trailer.

Stuff and nonsense

Big news: my brother is coming home!! After 18 months overseas, W emailed me yesterday to say he's coming home. He rang mum today and according to my calculations he is currently in a plane somewhere over the Pacific between LA and Brisbane.

*performs the Dance of Joy liek WHOA*

I don't know if I'll get to see him when he gets in as I'll be at work and he's going straight home to the farm, but YAYS!

In other news:

I didn't know Nicole Kidman was cast in that His Dark Materials movie!

Light a candle for the innocent victims of online child abuse - a cause I really believe in kiddies

I promised myself I wasn't going to buy any more DVDs for a while... but... - hell, BSG! Atlantis! NCIS! I am so going shopping tomorrow night.

Also DMC is out in two weeks - I am salivating over the extras. I see 'lantis S2 is out at the end of the month too - Nawl, you win that bet!


God I love weekends. Yes, I know I say that every Sunday but I do. Today I slept until nearly midday. I haven't done that in many a moon.

One blemish on my happiness at the moment though: last night I forgot to tape Doctor Who. Dammit.

These DVD bundles are so cool. I am so tempted to get Xena. I was never a huge fan but that much girlslash is just cracktastic. Also Farscape - now I'm seeing Crighton and Aeryn on Sgwun I want to go back to where it all began. Am confused about the Scrubs set though. I know for a fact you can buy individual seasons for $20-25 each (wait, is S4 out yet? *shrug*). But they're charging over $100 for the set - that's a saving of... nothing!

My problem is I have DVDs I've bought two years ago that I haven't watched yet. Hell, I haven't even cracked the plastic on Serenity. I just don't have gorram time to keep up with my TV shows (I have about 5-6 hours of House, NCIS, Bones, Sgwun and BSG to watch this arvo) on a weekly basis let alone the leisure to watch movies. When I've got a free hour I'm on the internet, going to the gym or doing my washing. Oh drama! The hectic life of a twenty-something single, I know. /whinge

Oh McGee, you are my television Navy Criminal Investigation thingy boyfriend

Is it sad that NCIS makes me happy? I just love it. I love the humour, and the drama, and the snark.

And seasons 1 and 2 are out on DVD here soon. August and September, to be exact.

*adds to wishlist*

Man, life would be so much simpler if I was independantly wealthy.

ETA: Holy crap, I never knew NCIS was a spin-off of JAG! How could I not know this? How? Why? Anybody know how this came to be? The spin-off, not me knowing about it... :p
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