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And yes I know I'm using a POTC icon for a M&C post. Pfft.

Ok, so now my hard drive is making alarming noises. I think it is the fan.
The monitor shit itself yesterday (we think it's the graphics card) but we have simply switched to my spare monitor.
And this afternoon I discovered that the disc drive will not read CDs. Music or data. I disabled and uninstalled the drivers to no avail. Arg. Any tech-y people out there with tips, let me know. I have new digital scrapbooking software to install and no drive to install it with!!!

In other news, still obsessed with Etsy.

Oh, and was checking out the top yuletide fandoms? And loving it. I am so bursting with the happy that people actually want Naomi Novik Temeraire series fanfic!!! OMGLUVS.

In other other news, I finished my O'Brien (The Mauritius Command) and am itching for new naval stuff. ITCHING. I even forced Colin to watch M&C with me again the other night. Feel the Maturin love. And the Galapagos... *sigh*

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Had dinner at nawl_v's the other night. Devilled sausages. Yum.

Am finding it hard not seeing Colin for days. I know. Boohoo. But I miss him when he's at work at night. We are housesitting for his parents very soon so hopefully will get to see him in between him coming home from work and me leaving to go to work :p

My computer is fucked. It's always got low disk space and I think the disc drive is rooted. *kicks Pippin* Want a new one.

Almost bought Family Guy season 1 on DVD the other day. Wish I did now, could do with a laugh.


You know what's pissing me off just as much as losing most of my photos from the past 5 years? Losing all my beautiful LJ icons. I had so many. *sniff*

The ones I made I guess are all on photobucket, but the ones of other people's that I have collected over time? Gone. So I will be indiscriminately poaching my flist for a while I think - some of you have ones that are classics!

Also, seem to have completely missed all the Deathly Hallows fallout. Not sure if I actually WANT to microanalyse it, really. For the record though - I enjoyed it. It wrapped up most of the storylines well. Too-perfect ending was a bit of a bother however. At the end of the day though - I am a happy shipper! :)

I'm baaaaack!

Finally got my internet up and working again! So very excited.
It's kinda like starting all over again - no bookmarks, no cookies, no My Documents, hardly any music.... O_o

Now for news... let's see...

Bought Linkin Park tickets on Friday! W00t. Me and a girl from work are going, they are playing here in October. Flyboy doesn't like live music (yeah, he's strange, we've established this I think ;) so me and her are going to see them together. Very excited!

Am very tired. Went for a drive up the coast today and just for shits and giggles decided to go up to this lookout on the way. I thought it would just be one where you drive up, park, then go look at the view. Nuh-uh. It was 700m of steep climbing up the hill. It was hard. Flyboy badgered me all the way to the top though, and the stunning view of the Glasshouse Mountains was worth it! Didn't have my camera with me though :(

Have discovered Facebook. OMG it's like the latest craze for us young folks. Heh. I'm just addicted a little now because I instantly found so many friends! Mostly my extended family (cousins etc.) but also great to find old school friends too :)

Well, off to download iTunes again. Have no idea whether I can get back my purchased music or not :(


Hi all,
So I have been offline for a good couple of weeks now. For some reason that I don't understand and don't really want to, my PC just... died.
Poor Pippin has been to the computer doctor and he has done what he could but, well, all of my documents are gone. I have my software and a few other bits and pieces like music from Kazaa and stuff, but I've lost pretty much everything - photos, icons, fic...
In a way it's a bit cathatic - I guess I get to start again with my fandom stuff but the thought of all those photos, most of which I'm not sure whether I have backed up on CD somewhere, is a bit sad.

So I'm posting this from Flyboy's place, Pippin is still not hooked up at my place but I am hoping to be online again soon.

I'm also stalling getting back into the swing of things on LJ because I only started Deathly Hallows today and I'm afeart of spoilers!

In other news, Flyboy and I celebrated our six month anniversary on Friday night. We went to dinner at an Indian restaurant (yum) and went to the movies to see OOTP (second time for me, first for him). Things are going really well with him and I'm so happy he's in my life. Though he got a haircut today and it's really short and I'm having a hard time getting used to it!

I've seen tons of movies, read heaps of books and been pretty stressed out at work but I won't bore you with the details. I hope you are all well, and I am begging you - no spoilers for HP in the comments please!

{{hugs flist}} I've missed you guys!