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So C's uncle is very unwell, and his parents really want to see him. His dad in particularly is very upset because they think he might die soon. So we're going to go to Townsville this weekend. I've got 3 days off work next week so hopefully we can make it up and back by the time I have to go back on Thursday.

C is very keen to drive through the night to get there. He says he prefers night driving because there's no traffic, and also that he doesn't suffer fatigue easily. He's done 3 very big night drives before with no troubles (Bris-Melbourne, Bris-Longreach and Bris-Mackay). Also being put forward in his argument, he's a security guard so his diurnal rhythms are easily adjusted to staying awake all night. And I must admit, I've seen him awake for 2 days before with no ill effects.

When I told my mum that we were thinking of driving at night, she almost started crying and begged me to reconsider our travel time. Her sister, brother-in-law and nephew were killed in a car crash when I was one year old. They think Stan fell asleep at the wheel.

And now I'm terrified. I don't want to crash and burn in a fiery auto-wreck. But C is adament that he doesn't want to change our departure time to the morning and drive during the day. We had half an argument about it tonight and in the end I just said we can revisit the issue tomorrow. ie. when I'm not tired and shitty from work.

It's a 15hr trip. Sigh.
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Go fast cars, go!

Saw Fast & Furious last night. Packed cinema - I can't remember the last movie I went to that was full.
Anyways, for me its all about the Vin, but he must have forgotten to turn his intensity switch on in this one - he's grim, broody and masculine but the spark's missing. It actually made me want to go back and watch Pitch Black again to remind myself why I think he's sex on legs. Heh.
So anyways, the movie is good, not great - gets too bogged down in plot IMHO, normally I want plot in a movie but in this francise it's all about the cars, let me tell you. And the car sequences.
Some great set pieces, don't get me wrong - the opening sequence is very cool, and manages to incorporate an iguana. Nice.
The cars were a disappointment though - after Tokyo Drift I had an expectation, but this was quickly dashed when I realised that it would mostly be American muscle cars in this movie - Charger, Mustangs, Torinos etc.
That said, there's a glimpse of the new R35 GTR Skyline (are these even out yet? Watched a docco the other day that left me drooling) - just a glimpse mind you - and then the hero gets to race what LOOKS like a 35 but is actually a 34 with a kit to make the front-end more 35-ish. It helps to have an ex-Ricer boyf to spot little things like this :)
There is also is what might be a Honda Integra Type R in the end sequence, a very nice appearance for what is to all intents and purposes a hatchback with teeth. Hmm. Need to consult IMDb on this.

Mum and dad are back from their Malaysia/Sabah jaunt tomorrow. Hope they have gifts and photos to share!!

My paid account is expired :(

I'm left with 7 userpics. Wow. It's like been 3 years or something since I had less that a hundred! I'm sure I'll get over it though :p

So I woke up with a damn runny nose yesterday. So today I caved in and went to the chemist for some relief. Anyways, because it's Easter Sunday I'm driving around looking for somewhere open. I pull up at the local shopping centre and it's got those concrete blocks at the front of some of the parks, you know, to stop you driving forward onto the footpath? I always scrape them. I mean, these ones are pretty big. So anyways I don't care about scraping my little car on them because the bumper's just made of plastic really (not to mention my car looks like a piece of crap anyway... it's got a hail-damaged bonnet that is a different colour to the rest of the car... long story...). HANYWAY, this guy pulls up next to me and does the same thing.... SCCRRRAAAAPPPEE! I look over. I look down. Because he's driving a shiny brand new Lotus Elise. Hahahahahahaha! I just cracked up. It was such a bizarrely funny thing. So anyways I had to cover my face with a tissue and pretend I was blowing my nose because I couldn't stop cracking up and he was looking. Huh. Anyways, I thought it was hilarious. If I drove a car like that no WAY I'd have been as relaxed as he was... just got out with a grumpy face and strode into Subway. Huh. I wonder how much a new bumper for an Elise costs?? :D

Also had a fight on the phone with the Eagle Boys Pizza manager last night. They were charging public holiday surcharge on their pizzas. I say Easter Saturday is not a public holiday. Thoughts? Apparently they pay their staff time-and-a-half for Easter Saturday therefore they HAVE to pass on the surcharge. Which is fair enough but I still don't think it's a public holiday. Hmmmph.

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My car is now totally fixed. I've spent a couple of hundred bucks but he's now got 4 new tyres, reconditioned shocks, and wheel balance and alignment. And now no longer makes alarming noises when I drive him. Yays.

I now have a LBD and a little feathery rose thing for my hair for Melbourne Cup Day (work always has a fashions on the field thing so we dress up) but the dress is not suitable for my high school reunion, which is next weekend! Argh, wardrobe panic!!

Am reading Patrick O'Brian again after the longest break from naval sagas of all description. Loving it. Just the language! Sigh.


Thank you all for your sympathy, hugs and well wishes about the dramatic car-theft-athon that was my New Years Eve!

The lovely detective from the local CIB has called me every afternoon to update me on the investigation. He says the guys they caught will appear in court at the end of the month. I will certainly let you all know how it goes!

Also, I finally got the balls to ask HG out today. And I am pleased to report that we are having coffee on Thursday! Never mind that I took the coward's way out and did it via email...

ETA: Also my roomie went shopping today and bought me a jigsaw of a tall ship just to cheer me up. And a card that says how much she values my friendship. It made me go AWWWWW. She is awesome.

Worst. New. Years. Ever.

My car got stolen last night. I got it back though - thank God.

We were having a few drinks on the back verandah - me, my roomie L, nawl_v, her sis and later on sis' boyfriend.

About 11.30pm I leaning on the railing and we're all laughing and carrying on - as you do - when suddenly I hear a car start up and rev. I leant back over the railing and looked down the side of the house to where my car was parked in the driveway; and there's guys in my car backing it out into the street and driving away.

I freaked, froze, didn't know what to do. Everybody raced out the front in time to see someone else jump in the car and off it went, screeching down the street.

I went inside, thinking "But it was locked! I have the key!" then went and looked in my handbag. No key. Checked my wallet. No cash. The fuckers broke into the front of the house, stole my keys and money out of my handbag and took the bloody car. They also took my roomie's mobile as well but we didn't discover that until much later.

So I rang the cops and they were really, really great. There was a patrol car there within 15 mins but they didn't stop, just cruised past checking the area. Then we were standing out the front waiting for the cops to come back and - you are not going to believe this - the bastards drove past down the street again in my bloody car. L took off running down the street barefoot (she's such a brave girl!) to see which way it went, while I got on the phone again to the cops. I got the same dispatcher lady and she put it out to the patrol cars that the car was still in the area.

About 5 mins later two cop cars arrived, one patrol car with two female constables (who were so, so nice) and one unmarked car with two detectives from CIB. I couldn't believe it - New Year's Eve and my stolen car is a priority? Anyways, they took all the details then drove off again to cruise around to see if they could spot my car.

By this time I had resigned myself to having it found the next day, burnt out on the highway halfway to Caloundra (it only had a quarter of a tank of fuel), but blow me down, not 5 mins later we heard the sirens going. Not long after that one of the detectives came back, handed me my keys and said they'd picked up the guys responsible - not one block away from my house. Get this - they were joyriding around the block.

So Nawlly's sis and her boyf went and got it for me and drove it back to my house. There's a fair sized dint in the front panel where they hit the side of the house while backing out of the drive, but otherwise it's untouched. They left behind a beer bottle and a Big Mac in the back seat. I shit you not.

So this morning the lady from the Crime Lab came around and dusted for fingerprints and took swabs and stuff! It was ace. Just like CSI. She said her job is not as glamorous however. So the good news is, if they get some prints and DNA they will have evidence of those particular people being in the car, which is better to make a case.

So now the insurance company is coming tomorrow to tow it to their repair place and they've offered me a hire car to use in the mean time if I want it. I don't think I'll take it unless it turns out that I won't have my car back for like over a week though.

So anyways, come midnight we were all standing around at the front of my house worrying about my stolen car! We didn't even see the fireworks over the city, at that point I couldn't care less about New Year's anyway.

But all's well that ends well. Except that we know who took it, and they live quite close, so now I know I'm living near criminals. And also L and I today have been super-paranoid about keeping the house locked up, even though it's stinking hot. I am resolved not to live in fear but it's hard when every little creak at night makes you think someone's in your house.

The CSI lady said that perhaps I have used up all my yearly lot of bad luck all in one go and this means 2007 will be nothing but roses for me from now on. I hope she's right!

Beep beep

Picked up my new car this afternoon. So shiny. Bye bye savings, hello mode of transport!

The first thing Dad did when I bought it home was test out the horn. He is such a male sometimes.

Which reminds me, I need to insure the damned thing before work tomorrow... O_o
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Brrm brrm

In lighter news, I pick up my car tomorrow! I am inordinately excited by this. I think I will name him Darcy.
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Weekendess, yays!

I feel so much better today. I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and was in and out of his office in literally 5 minutes. He reckons it's just flu, couldn't give me any antibiotics. Bed rest, plenty of fluids etc. So today I've been much perkier, even well enough to drive to town with dad to...

... BUY A CAR!

Yep, I finally found a car that I like. It's a Mitsubishi Mirage and although they call it green I think it's blue. It's only 3-door but I'm past caring at this stage, I just want my own transport again. It's super-sporty-neat inside too. Hopefully I'm not paying too much for it. The interwebs says you can pay a lot or a little for one of these, depending on the condition. This one's in good shape, one owner etc. with full service history, four new tyres and 6 months rego. I might even be able to pick it up on Monday. Whee!