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Went and saw The Day the Earth Stood Still with the boy last night (horror - did I promise to see this with you nawl_v??? Holy crap I think I did. SORRY)
It wasn't great. I could be mean and say this is the role Keanu was born to play - an almost-emotionless alien - but that would be cruel. He was ok. I do actually like Keanu.
But let's just say I'm happy I had a discount card for the tickets this time.

Finally finished BSG S4 part 1. Collapse )

So who's been downloading the webisodes? Any good?

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I made spagetti bolognase. I was quite proud of myself.

Today was my last day of work - now I'm on leave until the New Year. My boss hugged me. It was awkward.

I plan on sleeping in, doing my tax, posting Xmas cards (yeah, sorry, they're probably going to be late people-I've-promised-them-to!) and generally just lazing about. Ah. Holidays.

erjika, I got your card yesterday! Thank-you!

The boyf and I are working our way through BSG Season 4 Part 1. This show just keeps getting better. I find it hard to believe, but it does. Sure, sometimes it'll have one slow episode that slips into self-indulgent moodiness but then BAM! something totally WHAT THE SHIT WAS THAT? happens. Love it.

I haven't been following fandom though - please let me know gently - is this the last season?

Oh the weekend!

I cannot say how glad I am the weekend is here. I am having a pedicure for the first time in my life. Go me.

They seem to be going to release BSG S4 in bits here. Arg. Frustrating. Just want the box set please! Then me and the boy can have cosy marathon nights with chocolate and scotch. Hmmm.

Am downloading iTunes for this PC. Man its a big file. Even with my new-found broadband its not exactly blisteringly fast.

God I love this icon. It represents me at 3.55pm this afternoon after playing manager all day (my boss was away). Heh.
Princess Bride - Inigo Montoya

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Hello livejournal.
So they direct-debited another year's worth of membership from me the other day (forgot I had set that damn thing up) which reminded me that I have neglected my LJ.
It's funny to think something that was such a large part of my life for a long time is now something I hardly think about - except to wonder what my old online friends are up to :)
I still have dial-up at home, and then only when we buy some prepaid credit - archaeic I know, but the budget simply does not allow for broadband right now!
I am posting this from work - used to be I would never do such a thing for fear of people seeing my username but now I don't really care. Everyone's obsessed with Facebook now so that's the only thing that people will look over your shoulder at!
So what's been happening? Lots of drama in my personal life - I moved in with my boyfriend but his mother was living with us as well for a couple of months - long story. She's now gone, thank the gods and Colin and I are 'playing house'. Not quite domestic bliss but it is wonderful to just enjoy life as a couple on our own, without interference!
Re: fandomness, I have little or no involvement with the online fandom community these days and don't keep up with most things, except the big stuff. The most fandom-y thing I've done lately is start to watch BSG S3 - we got the boxed set months ago but I haven't had time to watch it. Colin watched it all in about 3 days when we got it, so he's all school-boy excited about me finding out stuff for the first time. I am having a hard time keeping him from spoiling me as he is very bouncy about the finale. That series gives me a total mind-fuck, I love it. Don't know when S4 will be out here but will be getting it, no doubt!
So, how's everyone else doing?
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A busy week - well, a short week due to the Easter Monday holiday but it felt loooong. At work, I caught a girl who fell down and fainted. Win! It was quite dramatic.

nawl_v and I went to Supanova yesterday, and saw Aaron Douglas, Ron Glass and Billy Dee Williams. Unfortunately don't have time to blog about it all right now, but suffice to say Aarong was *amazingly* funny, Ron was entertaining and Billy was disappointing to say the least!

Geeks bearing gifts

I got my late Valentine's Day present yesterday.

It's the BSG season 2 boxed set :)

Flyboy is becoming more hooked than I am - we skipped straight to Pegasus and The Resurrection Ship I and II, which are my faves. God I love this show.

Let's see, what else has been happening? Last weekend we went down to the farm and Flyboy met my dad for the first time. He seemed to make a good impression. I haven't had the guts to ask if dad gave him 'the talk' at all :p

Saw Ghost Rider. It was ok, but pretty bloody cheesy. Most hilarious moment was when that chubby girl from The Wedge was in it! That said, Nic Cage still looks bloody hot in black jeans, I don't care how old he is!


Am officially obsessed with kikki-k. It's awesome stationary and stuff. Spent half of my birthday money there on Saturday, ended up with a red leather 2007 diary and a blue jelly photoframe.

I also ended up spending the other half of my Xmas money on BSG season 1. Flyboy bought me the mini-series/pilot the other day so we are now going to work our way through it. He was impressed by the mini-series, says he likes the ships and weapons best though. I keep trying to convince him it's the characters that make it awesome but he just nods and smiles. On the upside, he assures me he is not attracted to Six AT ALL. He's either lying or really, really clever at knowing what women want to hear!

In Who news:
Torchwood news Aussie flisters may find disheartening.