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2008 - a good year

Here's a post I've been mentally composing for a while now.

Xmas was a family affair. Collapse )

New Year was pretty boring, a boring party which we left early and went home. Saw in the New Year at Colin's place and was in bed by 12.20am. Hee.

Work continues to be stressful and boring by degrees. Collapse )

I had a wonderful birthday on Tuesday. Collapse )

I have a feeling 2008 is going to be a good year. I hope it is for all my friends too!

Birthday Stuff

I had a lovely birthday, thanks everyone for the well wishes!

Aside from the aforementioned CD from Nawl, I got a card from my parents in the mail (they are interstate at present, proper present arriving when they do) and my roomie L bought me my fave for dinner - Pad Thai. Yum.

Also, NB got me a box of chocolates. Can we say AWWWWW? I thought we could. He's freaking adorable. Been a bit distant at work these last few days - was starting to worry a bit and then thought - bugger it, why worry about something I can't change. He's either playing it really low-key to try to hide the fact that it was ME who gave him that noticable hickey on his neck (which I seriously do not remember doing, OMG!) or he's very busy with his caseload. It's his birthday tomorrow, coincidentally - I got him a gift voucher and put a heap of balloons on his desk this afternoon to surprise and embarrass him when he comes in early tomorrow morning :p He'll either love it or hate it, I just know.

Not much else it going on really - though I started training four new trainees today. Brace yourselves for 3 weeks of me moaning about work! I find training so mentally taxing, because you have to continually remind yourself that they know NOTHING and are starting from scratch. And when you're getting nothing but blank looks back, you're not explaining things very well!

Bring on the weekend, I say!

Dirty Stopout

Flist, I am absolutely ecstatic to report that I am now in a position to be in a quandry about how much exactly to blog about when it comes to my love life.

Collapse )

Also, Nawl and I went and saw Night at the Museum - very good. I liked it very much! It was funny, and had Ricky Gervais and Owen Wilson. What more could a non-discerning cinema-goer ask for?

Nawl bought me Snow Patrol's album for my birthday. So. Much. Love. {{hugs her}}


Wonder of all wonders, my brother W sent me a birthday present! From Spain! It is a CD by someone/a group called Amaral. It's very cool. I like it because I can't understand a word of it! He assures me it is all the rage in Spain right now. Cool.
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Thank-you all for your lovely birthday wishes! I haven't had so many comments in a long time.
Comments = happiness :)

Presents from Asia, for my own reference:
Amethyst in white gold earrings
Fake Armani watch
Thai silk scarf
Cambodian t-shirt
Fake Louis Vuitton wallet

Birthday gifts so far:
Money - mwahahahaha!