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Am tired a lot lately. Am worried because I'm fairly sure I'm getting enough sleep, and it's good sleep, not broken or anything. And I'm not PMSing, so that can't explain the crankiness.

I have a feeling I need more exercise. My roomie suggested some vitamins also. Iron deficiency maybe?

All I know is I'm moodier than usual, prone to fits of sulks and bursting into tears at the slightest thing. And NO, I'm not pregnant, thanks for asking!

Also am experiencing problems with my newly-born computer. Disc drive won't work. Fucking piece of shit. Arggggh.

In other news, yet another one of my cousin's is having a baby. I liked Flyboy's reaction best: "Jesus, don't these people have TV?"


Didn't make it to Shrek 3 - decided against it when we saw all the HORDES OF CHILDRENS. Went to Zodiac instead with Flyboy and roomie L. Very good movie! Chloe Sevigney looks like Robert Downey Jnr in drag however. Too long though. These days it seems anything even a minute over an hour forty is just too much effort. Laziness? Or just jaded cinema-going disillusionment?

Also on my day off (I get a rostered day off now! Yays for permanency!) watched Bus Stop. Marilyn is a goddess. But we all already knew this. What a great movie! He was a bit of a pig though - but I guess he learned his lesson by having the shite beat out of him. The best way, I find.

Went to Harbourtown (wholesale shopping place down the coast) today. Intent on buying a big quilt for the bed but couldn't find anything reasonably priced. Bought baby things for the new additions instead (two of my cousins have had baby girls in the past month). I even found what I have been looking for the entire time they were pregnant - a little fluffy hat with ears on it! AWWWWWW SO CUTE.

Flyboy even went in to the baby clothes store with me. He didn't look very comfortable but at least he didn't run away screaming. We're both getting better at putting up with each other when the other is being stubborn.

Public holiday tomorrow! Queen's Birthday. I understand it is not actually her birthday but my care factor is exactly zero. All it means to me is a day off work - paid! Yee-ha!

I have drunk too much tea over the weekend. Ys.

Holidays over

Back to work tomorrow. Cue my sad panda face.

One of the guys from work was talking to my roomie and he said it's all gone to shit. Something to look forward to then! ;) :p

Had a nice holiday up at Coolum, it's a very sleepy place with not much to do. I achieved my goal of having a cocktail by the beach (pina colada, since you asked) but the weather was shite so we couldn't even swim. Bah! So I still have yet to cut the tags off my new swimsuit!

In happy news, my cousin had a baby! Her name is Madeline. She's had some complications and has been in ICU since she was born (on the 7th) until today, she had trouble breathing on her own apparently. I can't wait to see some photos of her! I am almost clucky at the thought. Who wouldn't have thought even a year ago that I would go from hating children to actually liking babies?? I blame hormones.

Holy shite! Something's in the water!

My cousin just told me she's pregnant! This is S, the one who got married earlier this year, but I wasn't bridesmaid for. She and her hubby are announcing it officially at a family dinner tonight.

I can't remember if I mentioned this, but her brother's girlfriend announced she's pregnant too, last week! They are going to get married very soon.

That now makes three - no, wait - FOUR pregnancies and two weddings coming up for my family. Yays!
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What an exhausting weekend. I haven't even had time to watch the Doctor Who final! I did have an awesome discussion with my Aunty about Spoiler Spoilering however.

We had interstate rellies staying all weekend because it was my nanna's 90th birthday. In between them all, they had three girls under the age of 3 - including one very adorable, chubby baby. Aww, bless. I got to hold and play with all of them, but damn me if they aren't hard work. I'm tired just thinking about having a house full of them - I pity all mothers now!

Nanna's party was great, she had a great day and we got some great photos. It was good to see all the cousins but not cool at work this morning when I was just about ready to put my head on the desk and nap.


PS - how awesome is The Kraken off this album? GO YOU GOOD ORGAN SOLO.


- I am selling some DVDs on eBay on behalf of linnyjane. Namely, the first 6 seasons of Friends and Season 1 of Ally McBeal. Very new to this whole eBaying thing, hope I'm doing it right. If you're Aussie and interested, comment and I'll post a link

- I saw the music video for Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox on Video Hits yesterday morning. Not only does it involve a French Restoration-style masquerade ball, it features John Malchovich (sorry, too tired to look up the spelling) and Hugh "The Prince Regent" Laurie. OMG!

- My cousin and his wife had a baby girl during the week. Everyone's getting married and having kids lately. O_o

- I'm going to be housesitting my boss' house in town for the next two weeks while she's gone to the NT. I'm going to be taking my computer but I'm not sure how easy internet access is going to be to set up, so I may be quiet online for a while.

- The bestest news of all: U2 have announced their rescheduled Australian tour dates. *does the Happy Dance* It's on Melbourne Cup day in Brisbane - bonus!