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V Day

Regular readers know that in previous years, I have been extremely anti-Valentine's Day. Like many single women, I hated the day with a passion, with all it's mushy tackiness and commercialized crappiness.

This year, for the first time ever, I actually had a boyfriend for V-Day.

And I still didn't get anything.

I had to laugh about it - the boy felt so bad but he is literally flat broke at the moment and couldn't even afford a cheap bouquet of flowers. I explained to him how I was all bitter and jaded about the whole Valentine's concept anyway and I didn't actually mind that much. He's promised to take me out to dinner next pay.

That said, it would have been nice to get some flowers for once.

Anti V-Day

This is a great idea: I Care Day.

Aussies, instead of wasting $5-10 on a dodgy VD card for your loved one, send them an I Care E-card and it's a donation to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

I'm half tempted to do something at work to promote this. But then again I'm not much of a 'do-er'.

Gawd, the mood I'm in right now...

... is it too early to start my annual Anti-Valentine's Day campaign? Hmmm.

In other news, I voted for PostSecret a lot in this year's Bloggies.

ETA: Just thought of one thing that cheered me up a little. On Sunday, the USS Ronald Regan docked in Port of Brisbane. It's the first nuclear-powered vessel to ever dock in Australia. The good news? 6000 personnel with 5 days liberty. Well hello sailor.

Too bad I'm not in Brisbane right now.

... actually that's kind of sad. But I assure my international flisters that it's not uncommon for Aussie girls to lose their heads in the face of a Yank sailor in uniform. Mmmhmm.