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'muricans 'n stuff

Am home to visit W. I swear he has grown another foot into this monstrous tanned woolly-headed boy-man that I hardly recognised. His hair is ALMOST an afro, but it's curly and long so he looks like a half-assed Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angel. I can't help mussing it as often as possible.

We went for a long drive around the countryside yesterday afternoon, ostensibly so bro could try out my new car Darcy, but also just to talk. He is already thinking about going overseas again - he wants to work for a bit here to save some more money however as he's flat broke.

He said America is just like Australia - only more American. He also said it's a bit like Dawson's Creek crossed with every teen and frathouse movie you've ever seen. He was living in a town near a college though, so it's possible his experience was taited by them college-kids and their carryings-on.

On a totally unrelated note, when we went out in BrisVegas the other night we were with a group of N's hubbie's mates - all coppers. One of them was in the dog squad, and his dog was named Paddy. AND PADDY HAS HIS OWN POLICE ID BADGE. Cutest thing EVER. The guy showed it to me - it even has a photo of Paddy The Cutest Police Labrador Ever. Being a bit drunk at the time, I told him that ID card was the biggest Leg-Opener in the history of Picking Up. Again, Paddy the police dog: OMGSOCUTE.