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Poll results:
Interesting things: people graduated, went on road trips and all sorts of exciting things. Go yous!

The Da Vinci Code: reactions ranging from 'meh' to 'hatehatestabstab'

X3: The jury's out until everyone's seen it

In other news:
Helena Bonham Carter is Belatrix! So kewl.

_elvie, they're filming at the moment in your neck of the woods. Any sightings of anyone famous MUST be reported ASAP. *nods*

So hot.

Very, very hot today.

I got my hair coloured - boring brown, but I didn't want it to clash with my "shiraz" bridesmaid dress.
Have I mentioned my cousin's wedding is next Saturday? Because that's all anyone in my life right now can talk about.
Also bought a strapless bra. With boobies as big as mine, that's no mean feat. When I put it on I kind of feel like Bridget Jones bursting out of that Playboy bunny outfit. But hey, at least I found one that fits ok!

Also bought shiny silver (requisite colour) shoes. Pretties.

And then went on a bit of a spending spree to treat myself for no other reason than that I haven't been shopping in a while. Bought a book (The Undomestic Goddess), Love Actually and a white handbag. Go me.

Also, I have been narrowing down my list of potential holiday destinations and Egypt is looking pretty good. I'm still put off a bit by the whole security situation. However, two bus crashes and now a major ferry disaster is making me rethink this country as a safe tourist destination. Anyone on my flist actually been there? Would you say it's a safe place for a young woman travelling alone? I would be with a tour, however.

Cool stuff via cleolinda:
OOTP casting announcements - very cool. Must find out who these peoples are.

Possible sequel to The Dark Crystal - very cool!

Kristen Bell may be in SW geek movie - I cannot believe they're calling it Fanboys. OMG.

Almost all the bubbles were gone!

Took mum to see GOF tonight because it was Tightass Tuesday. She liked it, I am happy to report. She thought Cedric was very handsome but also expressed an opinion it is not a movie for young children.

I have to agree. There is a LOT of boy-touching in this movie. *nods solemnly*

I wasn't as traumatized by this viewing as I was the first time. Still quite distressed though. Oh, poor Cedric! *sniff*

I also spent half of the movie wanting to shout at Ron "stop sulking, it's unattractive!".

Need Weasley twins icons. NEED.

ETA: Forgot to add, saw the trailer for 'Happy Feet'. OMG it is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. Even possibly cuter than Weasley twins.


Just spent a half hour with Dad googling stuff on Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City.
Have I mentioned my parents are going to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in three weeks? They're going to be away for Xmas and New Year, which is kinda depressing but I'm also really excited for them. Travel is so intoxicating.
Only problem is, I can't make up my mind what I want them to bring me back as a present :) Duty-free goods are so tacky. I'm thinking maybe a knock-off handbag or sunnies? I love my fake Louis Vuitton I bought in Florence but it's v. small. I'm a bit against piracy so cheap DVDs are probably not a good option.

teh_indy has GOF caps up already. It's not even out here. I spend my days constantly trying not to think of how long it is until it is released here. Gorramit, even NZ gets it this week! What the frak is going on with Aussie cinema releases lately??

nawl_v, we gotta figure out what we're doing for the opening - I just realised I've committed to going to see a Shakespeare play that Sat night... *smacks forehead*


I am taping NCIS because it is the episode with the biological agent and the advertisements imply there may be Tony!Angst; and that will just upset me before I go to bed. Better to watch it tomorrow methinks.

Meanwhile, Patrick Doyle is doing the GOF soundtrack? Patrick Doyle, composer of one of my fave soundtracks in the entire world, ie. Sense & Sensibility? Coolness.

Also, nawl_v and I always have a chuckle at how poor Rupert Grint always has an idiotic expression in every HP movie promotional poster thus far. Well, this one ain't so bad.
All the kids are looking Airbrushed Like Whoa, however. Could be the quality of the images I guess.