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Rural delights

This weekend C and I went up to the farm to visit my mother. It is her birthday on Monday so I decided we'd give her a present and another gift - we'd cook dinner.

She loved it. We made this pasta bake thing that I recently discovered in That's Life magazine. Funny thing is, I did 99% of the work, but C got all the praise! Oh well, he needs his cooking confidence boosted a bit. Might motivate him to get in the kitchen more than one night a week!

It was beastly cold up there - yet again reminded me why I love living in Brisbane so much.

In other news, nawl_v is leaving the country this week. She's going to the UK on a work visa and I don't know when I'll see her again! I went and said my last goodbye this afternoon. It was sad and strange to think I won't be meeting up with her for coffee any time soon. Good luck in the Land of the Overcast Cloud my dear!
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