Xehra (_xehra) wrote,

Trailers rule

Went and saw "Get Him to the Greek" today. Mainly just because we haven't been to the movies in AGES, but also because I felt I hadn't really been out of the house all weekend. It was funny.

You know what I like best about the movies besides the actual movie? Trailers. I like them a hella lot. The music, the voiceovers, the teasing... *sigh*
We saw the trailer for "The Expendables" which looks seriously awesome. I was definately interested in seeing it anyway, but know I know Mickey Rourke is in it..

I definately have this crazy fascination with Mickey Rourke lately. I mean, only this morning I was flipping out because I realised that he plays the bad guy in Enrique Iglesias'"Hero" music video. I think it began when I saw "The Wrestler". That is one seriously awesome movie. Before that I only knew him as some old actor who had retired to take up boxing. But now, I think he's like, a GOD. Did you see him in Iron Man 2? Was I the only one who found that sexy? Probably. But anyway. He's cool.
Tags: mickey rourke, movies, trailer

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