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You know what's pissing me off just as much as losing most of my photos from the past 5 years? Losing all my beautiful LJ icons. I had so many. *sniff*

The ones I made I guess are all on photobucket, but the ones of other people's that I have collected over time? Gone. So I will be indiscriminately poaching my flist for a while I think - some of you have ones that are classics!

Also, seem to have completely missed all the Deathly Hallows fallout. Not sure if I actually WANT to microanalyse it, really. For the record though - I enjoyed it. It wrapped up most of the storylines well. Too-perfect ending was a bit of a bother however. At the end of the day though - I am a happy shipper! :)
Tags: computers, harry potter, rl

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