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Stuff and nonsense

Big news: my brother is coming home!! After 18 months overseas, W emailed me yesterday to say he's coming home. He rang mum today and according to my calculations he is currently in a plane somewhere over the Pacific between LA and Brisbane.

*performs the Dance of Joy liek WHOA*

I don't know if I'll get to see him when he gets in as I'll be at work and he's going straight home to the farm, but YAYS!

In other news:

I didn't know Nicole Kidman was cast in that His Dark Materials movie!

Light a candle for the innocent victims of online child abuse - a cause I really believe in kiddies

I promised myself I wasn't going to buy any more DVDs for a while... but... - hell, BSG! Atlantis! NCIS! I am so going shopping tomorrow night.

Also DMC is out in two weeks - I am salivating over the extras. I see 'lantis S2 is out at the end of the month too - Nawl, you win that bet!
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