Xehra (_xehra) wrote,

Life, oh life, oh liiiiiiife.

Things wot have happened:

- Got my hair coloured this afternoon. It is now dark brown with a dash of red. Took FOR. EVER. Even the blow-drying took half an hour. Grr. On the upside, deadly straight hair for once! For the next 12 hrs, anyways.

- I got fic feedback! "that really good =)" It was for a LOTR fic I wrote eons ago, but yays anyways!

- W emailed me, his boss has made shirts for him and his mates that say "Aussies Do It Downunder". Hi. Larious.

- Jericho is on tonight. "Hot off the Satellite" or so I am told by reliable sources. Hope it's good. Skeet Ulrich isn't nearly as attractive as I remember him from Scream though.
Tags: rl, tv, w

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