Xehra (_xehra) wrote,

Movie rec?

Anybody see Fearless yet? I haven't read any reviews, but the trailer looks good. The one niggling little warning flare though is their insatiable use of the tagline "From the maker of Hero". Hmm, cashing in?

Also, is Snakes on a Plane worth my ticket money? I imagine this question is redundant since you will no doubt all chorus HELLA YES. I just want reassurance :)

I'm totally seeing a movie this weekend, just not sure what. On my own if need be! I need the escapism. Here's what else is on at the local that I haven't seen yet, anybody rec any of these?
Beyond the Sea
Clerks 2
(haven't seen the first one, so not much use seeing this yet... bad fangirl, I know...)
Thankyou for Smoking
The Lake House
(Jeebus, still??)
United 93
You, Me and Dupree
48 Shades
Curious George
Miami Vice
Silent Hill
Sione's Wedding

Also, if this news about OOTP is true, I will be an Unhappy Ron Fangirl.
Tags: harry potter, movies

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