Xehra (_xehra) wrote,

Hello world

Heard from my brother! He escaped the horrors of the airline terrorist thingy and arrived in the US of A about a week before all that shite went down.

He's at a place called State College of Pennsylvania. Staying with some people there, or some such. He is planning a weekend trip to Cinncinatti. That's all the info I got out of him. Oh, and there was a skunk in the yard and he wanted to go outside for a smoke but he didn't want to get sprayed by the skunk and he was too afraid to poke it with a stick. Ah, such hijinks.

I looked up Penn State on the interwebs and it appears Large and has many campuses. I'm guessing these would all be in different towns and/or suburbs of Philadelphia? Any of my 'merican flisters know? I want to find out exactly where he is so I can look at him on Google Earth.

In other news, I might be getter a new car! The car place has a nice little Proton that they're getting on a trade but we have to wait and see if the other peoples' finance comes through. I'm so over car shopping, I just want a vehicle already!

Also, I am happy with Ch 10 at the moment because they are putting Futurama on every weeknight. That's a lot of Zoidberg.

I have some icons to post but Photobucket's being a bitch. *kicks it*
Tags: cars, futurama, rl, w

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