Xehra (_xehra) wrote,


All sorts of dramatic stuff has been happening in the last few days. Behold the power of the cut.
Or in the immortal words of Brad-Pitt-as-Achilles: I CUT YOU!

Yeah, so a 4WD smashed my little blue car up the bum yesterday afternoon when I was driving home from gym. I was turning left, he didn't see me brake to give way to oncoming traffic. Smashiness ensued. Poor Bluey is all broken in his rear end now. I've got a bit of whiplash - nothing more than a stiff neck, but I'm playing it for all it's worth - but I'm fine. The guy was really nice. I rang my dad and started crying uncontrollably - I was upset about my car! - and he and mum drove in and picked me up. We rang for a tow-truck and the man was really nice and took my Bluey to the RACQ place. Now apparently I have to make an insurance claim and Bluey gets assessed and everyone's saying he will probably get written off because the damage was pretty bad. I'm more annoyed than upset about this now, as I don't want to have to spend money on a new car!

In international news, my bro W has informed us he's lined up a job in Philadelphia, of all places. He begged some dosh for the plane ticket and apparently he's leaving Portugal next week for the Land of Opportunity. I wish him luck! He reckons he's coming home in November. I'll believe it when I see it...

We've hired a new girl to replace the one that selfishly moved to Innisfail to be with her boyfriend. I get the job of training her in systems and process. WHY WHY WHY do they always ask me to do it? How many times do I have to tell them I'm not very good at teaching things? Seriously, I'm so impatient when people don't grasp concepts the first time. ARG. Sorry, just had to whinge a bit.

Also I'm not having to housesit my boss' place any more. I basically asked her son if he was going to be staying there every night (he stayed 6 out of 7 nights last week, after I was told he'd hardly be there) and when he said yes I told him I wasn't comfortable with that. Then I rang my boss (on holidays in the NT) who had spoken to her son already and said I don't have to stay there any more if I didn't want to as her son will be there. I had just had the car accident so I explained there was a problem with transport (ie. that I had to arrange to borrow my mum's car) as well as the whole thing with her son going on so I will be spending the rest of the week at home. I just have to go back around there to wash the sheets, rescue my pantry items, sweep the floors and give the benches a once over. Yays! Home cooking, here I come!
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