August 29th, 2006



So I didn't get the Brisbane job. They basically said "due to the quality and quantity of applicants for the positions" blah de blah blah. I know I should be quite upset about this but I'm just... not. In fact I'm being really fatalistic about it (is that the word I'm looking for?). One of the girls in the office said it wasn't meant to be or some such, and so maybe I am just reassuring myself that it is fate?

... or perhaps it is my goddamn apathy rearing its ugly head again. God knows, I would have loved to move to BrisVegas, but the thought of all the effort that relocating would involve? Makes me tired thinking about it. Bah. I feel like grabbing myself by the shoulders and giving myself a good shaking, but I'm too lazy and uncaring to do so.

News travels fast in a small office, and within half an hour of me finding out my Substitute 2-up Manager (the one who thought I married a farmer, remember?) called me into his inner sanctum for a little chat. He basically said he knows that there will be more Brisbane positions available soon, and he would be happy to put in a good word for me if I want to try again for a permanent Telstra position. He also said he'd be happy to be a referee for me if I wanted. Isn't that nice? Highly unexpected, since I've only known him about two weeks, but he said he's seen enough of my work to recommend me.

Makes me wonder. I'm not normally a "Oh, it's Fate!" person but I can't help thinking that perhaps if I'd been offered this position I would have been miserable. Perhaps my destiny lies along a different path, and this is Fate's way of saying THIS WAS NOT FOR YOU. Or maybe I am just being totally up myself in thinking that I have a Destiny. I am not, after all, an Eddings-style Hero. Though I did once desperately want to bleach my hair into a white skunk streak like Polgara...
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Movie rec?

Anybody see Fearless yet? I haven't read any reviews, but the trailer looks good. The one niggling little warning flare though is their insatiable use of the tagline "From the maker of Hero". Hmm, cashing in?

Also, is Snakes on a Plane worth my ticket money? I imagine this question is redundant since you will no doubt all chorus HELLA YES. I just want reassurance :)

I'm totally seeing a movie this weekend, just not sure what. On my own if need be! I need the escapism. Here's what else is on at the local that I haven't seen yet, anybody rec any of these?
Beyond the Sea
Clerks 2
(haven't seen the first one, so not much use seeing this yet... bad fangirl, I know...)
Thankyou for Smoking
The Lake House
(Jeebus, still??)
United 93
You, Me and Dupree
48 Shades
Curious George
Miami Vice
Silent Hill
Sione's Wedding

Also, if this news about OOTP is true, I will be an Unhappy Ron Fangirl.