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Couple friends

Last night we had our friends over for dinner. Well, for pizza and drinks, but *I'm* calling it dinner. I've recently re-connected with a uni friend who has been living overseas for a few years and amazingly, we've totally clicked the same way we did back then.
Even more wonderful, we click as a foursome - me and C, her and her lovely boyf. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have an adult couple friend - only our third one really, but it's still fairly new territory for me.
I'm not even sure what I'm writing about here, but I never really thought about "couple friendship" before. I've had high school friends, uni buddies and work mates, but until I met C, I'd never really had friends who came in pairs.
Anyways, now we have a new addition and they are awesome. I was afeart that we might run out of things to say to each other, given our lives have been so different, and C and her boyf really have nothing in common, but in our three social occasions so far it's been so free and easy. In fact, we never shut up.
It's just grand.
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Post-election day

I'm not really all that interested in politics most of the time. But with the Federal Election happening over the past 5 weeks, I've certainly sat up and taken some notice. I've agonised over who to vote for, and been swayed by just about every televised interview, personal opinion and piece of political junk mail I've seen.

And now it seems, Australia just can't make up it's mind. I'd much rather a clean finish with a clear winner than this current, strange situation where we might have a hung parliament. Somebody needs to be running the country! And quick!
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Rural delights

This weekend C and I went up to the farm to visit my mother. It is her birthday on Monday so I decided we'd give her a present and another gift - we'd cook dinner.

She loved it. We made this pasta bake thing that I recently discovered in That's Life magazine. Funny thing is, I did 99% of the work, but C got all the praise! Oh well, he needs his cooking confidence boosted a bit. Might motivate him to get in the kitchen more than one night a week!

It was beastly cold up there - yet again reminded me why I love living in Brisbane so much.

In other news, nawl_v is leaving the country this week. She's going to the UK on a work visa and I don't know when I'll see her again! I went and said my last goodbye this afternoon. It was sad and strange to think I won't be meeting up with her for coffee any time soon. Good luck in the Land of the Overcast Cloud my dear!
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So C's uncle is very unwell, and his parents really want to see him. His dad in particularly is very upset because they think he might die soon. So we're going to go to Townsville this weekend. I've got 3 days off work next week so hopefully we can make it up and back by the time I have to go back on Thursday.

C is very keen to drive through the night to get there. He says he prefers night driving because there's no traffic, and also that he doesn't suffer fatigue easily. He's done 3 very big night drives before with no troubles (Bris-Melbourne, Bris-Longreach and Bris-Mackay). Also being put forward in his argument, he's a security guard so his diurnal rhythms are easily adjusted to staying awake all night. And I must admit, I've seen him awake for 2 days before with no ill effects.

When I told my mum that we were thinking of driving at night, she almost started crying and begged me to reconsider our travel time. Her sister, brother-in-law and nephew were killed in a car crash when I was one year old. They think Stan fell asleep at the wheel.

And now I'm terrified. I don't want to crash and burn in a fiery auto-wreck. But C is adament that he doesn't want to change our departure time to the morning and drive during the day. We had half an argument about it tonight and in the end I just said we can revisit the issue tomorrow. ie. when I'm not tired and shitty from work.

It's a 15hr trip. Sigh.
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I really love Sundays. Especially ones like today. After what seems like weeks of overcast weather, the sun is out! Granted, it's not exactly WARM, but seeing the sun makes me want to run out on the lawn and stretch my face skywards for a while. Like a big flower.

The other awesomething things about Sundays are things like sleeping in, having the time to actually cook a hot breakfast, and lingering over my morning cup of Earl Grey. Good times.

I really wanted to do a road trip today to get out of the house, but was voted down by C as he wanted to use today to empty the waterbed in our guest room. And as that's something I've been wanting to do for weeks, I conceded.

So here I am, surfing the internet aimlessly. I cannot even remember the last time I did that. I used to be a member of so many forums and sites, had friends'websites to visit regularly... now, not so much!

So how's your Sunday? What you up to?


Mum visited this weekend. I love Mum Visits. She does spontaneous bits of housework, chivvys me out of bed early to go for walks, gives me endless family gossip and insists on paying for everything. She really is the best.

This weekend instead of hardcore shopping which we normally do, we just went for a short trip to DFO (they have a discount Oroton outlet now! SWOON!) and then to the local shopping centre before collapsing in front of the telly yesterday afternoon. She is strangely obsessed with Tour de France so I taped it for her Fri and Sat nights and we've had it on constantly as a background to our baking (cupcakes!!! omg!) and nattering.

She left early this morning and now I am sad. Think I'll go eat a cupcake!
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Trailers rule

Went and saw "Get Him to the Greek" today. Mainly just because we haven't been to the movies in AGES, but also because I felt I hadn't really been out of the house all weekend. It was funny.

You know what I like best about the movies besides the actual movie? Trailers. I like them a hella lot. The music, the voiceovers, the teasing... *sigh*
We saw the trailer for "The Expendables" which looks seriously awesome. I was definately interested in seeing it anyway, but know I know Mickey Rourke is in it..

I definately have this crazy fascination with Mickey Rourke lately. I mean, only this morning I was flipping out because I realised that he plays the bad guy in Enrique Iglesias'"Hero" music video. I think it began when I saw "The Wrestler". That is one seriously awesome movie. Before that I only knew him as some old actor who had retired to take up boxing. But now, I think he's like, a GOD. Did you see him in Iron Man 2? Was I the only one who found that sexy? Probably. But anyway. He's cool.

Hello LJ did you miss me?

You know why I don't LJ any more? Because I barely have time in my life to scratch my ass. Nice image, I know, but hey. I've also started a 'real me' blog, one that I can share with my family and friends more comfortably.
Can't do that with LJ. It's got too much fannish silliness on it!

So I'm...
*still living in sin with the boyfriend. I guess he's a 'de facto' now, though nobody can give me a definate answer on how that is defined
*still at my job at the Communications Corporation of Death. I don't like it lots, but I don't loathe it. Been trying to get another job for about 6 months now. Nothing else out there in my city with anywhere near the pay I'm on currently. On the bright side, I may actually get a payrise this year.
*pretty out of fandom, though I do follow fannish things on Twitter. I watch a lot of cable TV now, so I'm all about the trashy shows - Toddlers & Tiaras, Hoarders, Kendra, The Soup.
*LOVING Stargate Universe. It's replaced the gap left by Battlestar Galactica. In face, it makes me feel like I'm watching the love child of BSG and Firefly. Good stuff!
*Strangely, also starting watching Xena: Warrior Princess every week, because SciFi channel started showing it from the beginning. It's just plain awesome. Does anyone know where I can find any academic stuff on the homoeroticism of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship? I know it's out there.
*Lately been feeling like I should save all my old fanfic from fanfic.net. Because my old computer (Pippin) blew up some time ago and I lost everything. Icons, photos, fic; everything. Sad sad panda.
*watching the Twilight fandom with astonishment and unease, but also amusement. Have read two of the books but am nowhere near being 'ínto' them. I did really enjoy the first Twilight movie though. It was a fantasic book adaptation, talk about page to screen.

So what you all up to?

Oh yes, and ozchick just reminded me, my country has a new Prime Minister! A female one! That's pretty big news.

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Five weeks since my last post - dear dear. I really do prefer Twitter these days though, which is strange when blogging was such a huge part of my life for so long!
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Book sale!

So I’ve decided to sell a few books of mine that are just taking up space on my bookshelf.

Cost is $5AUD each, with $2.50 postage in Australia, $5 overseas – discount for multiple buys of course!

Just comment below if you want one, or email me – xehra1 @ gmail.com. Payment via Paypal or direct deposit.

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