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Casey Ryan
22 May
I've asked myself before if i were to die today how will people remeber me? as a good freind? a strong willed Christian? just another person? well i'd hope for more thna just another person but nothing that would over look my love for God. Yeah I wnat to make it big singing and playing guitar some day but all in God's will and for his honor and his glory. This is me. This is who i am. I am not perfect in any way. im just like you, i have my good times and my bad, i fall in love and my heart gets broken, mostly the broken part more than the love part. But i'm a good guy when you get to know me i love to play guitar and sing and just have days full of music cause thats my thing. Others have sports(dont get me wrong im a huge hokie fan) school, things like that but music is my calling. I'm a great listener any time you have a problem i'm here to listen and throw in any advice i can that just might help you a little bit ofr just try and put a smile on your face. Right now i'm single and probly lookin for a girl to feel that void in my heart right now casue i've had my heart broken alot in the past and it shows some times but sa broken as it is it still wants to love more and more. Summer '06 is going to be a great time in my life cause i am going to make it that, some way some how, if your involved in it then heck itl be even better. More than likly if you were to call me on the phone id sit tlak listen and play guitar while we talked about anything and everything. I have great friends that i try to keep close all the time whether just goin to their house or talkin to them for 5 minutes i make sure that i know whats goin on with them and they are ussualy there for me too.

This 'ol country boy has seen alot in his 16 years of life and has experienced more than you can imagine but tries to keep humble.

this is me
this is Casey NOT just another 16 year old guy from wise va.