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!_--gone fishin--_! — LiveJournal
--The story of casey--
well i guess you could say im really keepin up with this thing here latly,
        Well not much is really going on right now i mean besides the fact that work starts this monday and i have no idea what im going to teach these lil kids but we'll see what happens when it happens. just about everyday tis week and last ive been outsid workin in the yard in some way form or fasion, i swear my parents are just trying to kill me this summer and you know what they're doing a great job of it..... oh hang on the phone is ringing......ok im back that was my dad and sadly im going to lee county wit him to look for some land (business stuff i dont know how to really explain it) yeah atleast hes gunna let me drive this time. anyways back to where i was talking about my life this summer well theres not much of one besides hangin out with my friends everynow and then i went to emily's and watched TRISTAN AND ISOLDE haha oh yeah and i played tennis with cameron alot this summer, had some ppl up for my birthday not too long ago so its not too bad of a summer but hopfuly things will start to look up here soon.

well as you read up there that mentioned some friends but yeah ive got plenty of them and theyre great 2 of them left me for orlando w/o me but ill live, i didnt cry too hard but its all good haha.

well this sum,mer ,actaully really soon, im going to new york new york with ms t and alota ppl from tghe highschool so that should be alota fun, then im going to Goutier(go-shae) Mississippi to help with disaster relief from the hurricanes and then that should be it besides YEC2006.

I havent givin up on it but it seems to have given up on me, oh well whats new? i tihnk she just lost that lovin feelin oh oh that lovin feeling(come on ...from top gun...you have to know that song...) i want to talk to her but it seems like there are other things goin on or somthing i dont know i cant figure it out so im gunna give it some time and wait it out for a while and then see what happens from there. but i'mm gunna leave you guys with another song ive posted it on here before ive played and sang it to you guys before but its a good one and i think might fit the situation that im in......
actualy no im not putting that on here im putting one i wrote on here just for the hizzel of it cause it sucks and plus cause its the truth and i feel like it so get over it and read the song too

-----one of those things-----

I guess it always starts out like this

My heart gets tangled up something it cant fix

Whats to worry about If it all works out

I guess the question is will I be the one you miss?


Its one of lifes riddles that cant be explained

One of those things that just cant be named

Where the answer waits till the very end

Something that’ll make your hearts mend

Another day you fall asleep

Behind the wheel you start to dream

Cause they’re haunting your mind

And you don’t know why-y-y


Its been a week since the last time you talked

You try to relieve everything just with a walk

But it just wont work the way you plan

But your still doing everything you can


Its one of lifes riddles that cant be explained

One of those things that just cant be named

Where the answer waits till the very end

Something that’ll make your hearts mend

Another day you fall asleep

Behind the wheel you start to dream

Cause they’re haunting your mind

And you don’t know why-y-y


I guess it always ends like this

My heart got tangled in something it couldn’t fix

Now I’m left here with out you

Cause you were the best thing my heart ever knew


Its one of life’s riddles I cant explain

Its one of those things I cant name

Where the answer was at the end

but im still hoping your heart will mend

another day I fall asleep

dreaming of the one that still could be

im not letting go just yet

my heart tells me I still have a chance

I know I cant take a second glane

so im on my knees beggin you

please let my dream come true….

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Alone again tonight without someone to love.
The stars are shining bright so one more wish goes up.
Oh, I wish I may and I wish with all my might.
For the love I'm dreaming of and missing in my life.

You'd think that I could find a true love of my own.
It happens all the time to people that I know.
Their wishes all come true so I've got to believe.
There's still someone out there who is meant for only me.

I guess I must be wishing on someone else's star.
It seems like someone else keeps gettin what I'm wishing for.
Why can't I be as lucky as those other people are?
I guess I must be wishing, on someone else's star.

I sit here in the dark and stare up at the sky,
But I can't give my heart one good reason why.
Everywhere I look it's lovers that I see.
It seems like everyone's in love with everyone but me.

I guess I must be wishing on someone else's star.
It seems like someone else keeps gettin what I'm wishing for.
Why can't I be as lucky as those other people are?
I guess I must be wishing, on someone else's star.

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yeah all i can say is wow!!!

anyways leave me a comment or somthing will get together this summer and hang out ...maybe...
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well i guess you could say this rare for me to be updating this closely to my last one but i feel like getting some things out.

I'm not perfect i dont pretend to be and i dont want to be perfect, perfection means that you cant better yourself but still im not the scum of the earth to where you treat me like im the air where you breath me in then throw me away. I'm sick of the way people have been treating me whether in relationships, freindships, or aquantinces, if you want to take somthing up with me say it to my face dont go around like old church women and gossip about it to your freinds that gets you no where.

    This whole year so far has bene a let down form the start, sure there were great times with great friends but when i look closely into it its been terrible. How much can one person take before they just give up on it all together? I know i have great friends out there that will probly give me great advice on how theyve bene in my shoes and they know how it feels and tell me whats going on in their lives too and im glad they do but this time its God and its me  who needs to work through this not some one else.

    I'm sick of finaly finding somthing good and then it slipping away form me. But when it boils down to it maybe it wasnt so good after all?. or maybe it wasnt there for you in the first place and it was meant for somthing else but you couldnt figure that out so you just took it the way you thought it was for? Life can be confusing, religion can be confusing, girls ARE confusing, school well its school, but but really how many of you still with me know what im talking aobut in theis paragraph? you think everything is going to work out great casue you have this great viosion of what its going to turn out like and then you realize its nothing like that at all and you didnt get close to where you wanted to be in the end.

    All of life's questions can be asnwered in the bible, i dont have them, oyu dont have them, teachers dont have them, only God. But that very fact is what bothers me th emost because we all want to know so much and everytihng but we dont and we wont till the end.
    dont get me wrong i still have hope for this dream two paragraphs above becasue its somthing im not ready to let die yet. like i said its rare for me to update this close together and its a huge rarity to find such a long update from me, but i needed to do this i needed to write it down or omtihng and i couldnt find a pen so this works haha but on  a serious note i hope you guys read it and leave comments

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hey guys whats up?
nothing much really goin on over here just bored out of my mind and dead tired.

lets do it the old fashioned way

SCHOOL: ah its school big woop right?

FRIENDS: where would i be with out them? theyre awesome each and every one of you , you know who you are

Love Life: well everyone likes some one and so that makes me part of everyone cause i really like some one but we'll just keep that on the D/L for a while

Other: the 9 0 clock club is fainly over for the year im dead tired of the music man , it was fun, it had its ups and alot of downs but hey it still went together well. truth is finaly practicing agian (except for andi cause she laid out last practice) . Ive broken 3 raquets and im ordering a prince O3 tour very nice racquet and cheap on ebay thats right gota love the E!
My brithday is next monday and thats when i start work
like the new lay out?

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hey guys im grounded.....
whats new right? haha
well anyways please give me a call and you know save me from a lil bit of boredem and give your ol pal casey a call if you dont know it ask around or ask me during school but please give me a call
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Emily-d (10:14 PM) :
i feel good tho lol
c@2ey (10:14 PM) :
well you sohuld
Emily-d (10:15 PM) :
i do let me tell u
c@2ey (10:15 PM) :
okay you tell me
Emily-d (10:17 PM) :
okay..once upon a time...there was this beautiful boy named Casey Curtis but he had an evil step brother named Cameron Mullins...Cameron trapped Casey in a closet and CAsey called his superhero friends Emily (wind) and Kristin (Water) and we got Captain Planet to come save u from the evil CAmeron...and we all lived happily ever after..The end!
c@2ey (10:18 PM) :

too great lol that was too great

the concert rocked i cant put into words for once
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APRIL 9TH AT 7:00 ....TRUTH WILL HOST A BENIFIT CONCERT FOR THE WISE COUNTY FOOD BANK AND THE WISE BAPTIST SUMMER MISSION TRIP TO THE HURRICANE DISASTER AREA... after the concert there will be dessert... bring firends family bring everyone you know!!!!!!!!!!!

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its been a while huh guys?
well im just gunna amke this short and sweet
im tired of school and being out to 10 everynight and i jsut wnat to go to sleep atlesat for 2 hours fduring the week at night instead of in class shew this is killing me but anyways im still looking for a girl i might have a trick or two uip the sleeve ...maybe... but anyways im gone
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