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[28 May 2004|09:49pm]

add me!
*3 see light again |*^*| Love is a Tower*

new journal! [28 May 2004|05:29pm]
ok people.

i have a new journal, which i will be moving to soon. so everyone on my friends list add now!


add away. and keep in mind it is friends only. thank you.
*Love is a Tower*

[19 Apr 2004|12:16am]
This is your chance to finally tell me what you really think of me. Be honest, be brutal, be mean. Post anonymously, or else I will know who you are, and so will everyone else, so don't say I didn't warn you. BE MEAN AND HONEST, believe me, I will love you for it. Please PLEASE respond.
*20 see light again |*^*| Love is a Tower*

[09 Feb 2004|02:13pm]

This journal is Friends only.


1) Comment on entries or else be removed. Lurkers annoy me

2) don't disrespect me on my journal. if you have something to say, e-mail me

3) comment first. I'm not picky on who I add but just be respectful.

And.. that's it!

p.s join my community forever_denied


*30 see light again |*^*| Love is a Tower*

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