[[ ♥Big L♥ ]] (_xasianlaurax_) wrote,
[[ ♥Big L♥ ]]

I will remember you 3/4/05

It still hasn't hit me yet...and I'm not quite sure when it will.
I know going to school is going to be really hard. I keep thinking he's still here and I could call him up and talk to him. I keep thinking I'll see him Monday...reality just hasn't settled in on me yet.
I really am going to miss that kid. I hope Steve is alright, too. God bless both families.

It's sad that it took this to make everyone come together and finally get along with each other.
If anything, this brought us all a little closer. I love each & every one of you.
If ANY of you need me, for any reason, just to talk, anything at all, I'm here.
Even if we don't know each other that well, or even at all, 693-6566. I know it helps to talk.
Just call or something, it'll be okay, and please, everyone wear yellow this week.

Carpe Diem
Robert Buddington-March 4, 2005
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