[[ ♥Big L♥ ]] (_xasianlaurax_) wrote,
[[ ♥Big L♥ ]]

BANG BANG!!! I shot ya down bang bang!! you hit the ground BANG BANG

How about the Bambi DVD came out today!!!
yay:) !@#$%^&*( I have to have it. VHS just isn't enough.
Plus, the color is enhanced. Man, I love Bambi.
I need to get it ASAP.

I have a dilemma about a friend & I could use some advice, so if anyone thinks they usually give helpful advice, I'd appreciate it. Something about one of my "good friends" has been bothering me and I just need someone's input on the situation. Soon too because this chick is driving me insane.
nevermind, I got this! haha. no but seriously I do.
Oh YEAH and I'm sure you had "no idea" that even happened. ALRIGHT. whatever makes you feel better.


p.s. my birthday is in exactly one month and one day!
that means Barbie's birthday is even sooner.
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