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Oh, hai there

Posted on 20.07.2013 at 16:15
Placings: at the beach
Feelings: moodymoody
Hearings: Champion - Jon Huertas
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Realising I haven't posted an entry since March. I should do something about that.

So, my birthday was last Monday, I turned 28. There was cake, and a couple parcels of goodies from my mum, couple of cards & plenty of happy birthdays on FB and such. A good day. Unfortunately, it's fallen during a whole week of mood swings, acne breakouts, tender boobies... basically, some of the worst and longest lasting PMS I've encountered since my teen years. Normally if I get moodiness it's a day or two and then my period hits. So far, no period, just lots of ups and downs and unexpected tears. Even had a few cross words with hubs because apparently as he was pushing some of my buttons in my crankiness I was pushing some of his right back.

And it wasn't helped but us being guilt-tripped into hosting his mother at a t time we didn't really want to. She'd been to stay recently but there were Reasons. It would have been tolerable if it was one or two nights but we were looking at an extended stay of possibly two weeks. He was able to pull a half day on Wednesday though and take her home a bit earlier. I like my Mother in Law but she wants to chatter and then looks through the brochures and comes up with a new list every day of things she'd like us to go pick up from the shops from her. Plus cooking meals at an earlier time and making sure it's something she can eat... all of it was just an extra bit of hassle at a time where my hormones are already fucking with me something fierce.

Plus it's winter and cold and fuck that shit.

I haven't been writing the fanfic like I intended to earlier this year, which is very slack of me. Still stuck on making the words and stories in my head form something coherent outside for the world to see. But I have made a few new fandom friends on twitter so I am feeling a bit accomplished for peeking out of my shell just a bit.

Have been to see several of the new movies at the theatres over the last few months, like Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness, ones that I thought would look excellent in 3D. The exception to that though was going to the Chick Flick night a week or so ago, where for $25 I got a movie ticket, glass of wine, ice cream, chocolate, and a bag of goodies (pamphlets and vouchers mostly) from local businesses. I went with my step-son Joe's girlfriend Kayla, and the movie we saw was The Heat. Incredibly hilarious I was very glad that all the good reviews I heard were not over hyping it.

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