You motor boating son of a bitch!

Well, the plans didn't work out for Tuesday. But it's okay, because I'm going to see Jess in less than 7 hours. Today is her best friend's birthday, so we're throwing a surprise party for her. I'm so fucking excited. I get to finally have two and a half days with her. It's going to be amazing <3
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You can try to deny, but it's only getting better.

Eww. I don't want to go to work today. It's the first of the month. Which means welfare people from Vermont, and the foreign workers at Okemo are coming. Kill me nowwww. THERE WILL BE OLD PEOPLE AND BABIES EVERYWHERE!

Anyway. I'm going to stay with Jess tomorrow :D Pretty much the most exciting thing ever.

I also re-gauged my ears yesterday. My friend let me borrow some tapers for now. But Jess is going to give me some plugs and things cause she's awesomeeee.
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Happy Birthday!


Soooo. I was scheduled to work 5 to 9 today. Then, I said I would cover my friend Ashley's shift for 10 to 6. So, I got up at 9 and then got a call from work telling me to come in for my 5 to 9 shift because they're cutting hours. JEEEEEZ. Make up your minds.

Thanks to the fucking storm the other night, cell towers are down everywhere. So, I can't text my girl :( I am way too co-dependent for that, lol.

Right now, I'm waiting for my parents to get home so we can go get new tires for my car.

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You're in it right now, aren't you?

I made a header for my layout. I also made new icons.

I've been stuck inside all day thanks to a ton of snow. So far I've watched A Walk To Remember, Never Been Kissed, and now I'm watching Garden State. I did a job application and my laundry. So, I feel somewhat productive.

Jess adopted a new kitten yesterday. She's our adorable love child. We named her Josie :D
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Can you get me off your mind?

Oh look who's updating! Yeah, yeah. I know. You can thank ownyourheart.

Dear LJ, I met this girl named Jess. And she's pretty rad. She makes my heart beat faster, like The Distillers song. Mmm Brody Dalle is hot. (That was for you Jess :D)

So for realzies now. Nothing excited has happened to me since my last update. Except for last Thursday night. I went to the Rainbow Prom with my gay lover Bobby. And I really did meet this girl named Jess. I also met some other awesome people. It was pretty much the best night I've had in a LONG time.

So, new Glee in April. I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED! There better be lots of crazy Rachel, or I will be a sad panda. Also, Skins is nothing short of amazing this series. Except for the Cook episode. But that's just cause I don't like Cook.

Last movies I bought were Zombieland, Whip It, Jennifer's Body, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, and Monsters Vs. Aliens. Watch all of them, my friends.

I guess that's it.
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If this ground gives way, I just hope that you'll catch me.

Okay. So, this is my comeback, I guess. I decided it was time I use this thing again. Since my dad is my friend on Facebook (haha), I need a place to write about things I don't want him to read. I changed the layout and fixed links and stuff. And I'm gonna start using tags now.


So, I had a job interview yesterday. It's for a position called "Proof/Image Operator 1" at a bank. I really don't care what it is, haha. It's full-time, and it's not a fucking grocery store, that's all I care about. I'm supposed to get a call from them next week, hopefully for a second interview.

I've been pretty depressed lately, and I'm hoping a new job will help a lot with that. I just feel so stuck here. I really want to go back to college. I finally decided that I want to major in creative writing. But I need to get some credits from the community college first, because I never took the SAT.

I really need to move somewhere with more people. And really, more gay people. My friends all want to get out of here, sure. But they don't understand how much harder it is for me to live here. I love them, and they love me, but it's really hard only have straight friends. Well, I have a couple gay friends, but they're guys. I need lesbian friends too. And I really would like the option to date.

Well, on a happier note, I've seen some good movies lately. 500 Days Of Summer, Jennifer's Body and Zombieland. And I keep finding these low budget LGBT films at Blockbuster for like $4 each, it's amazing. Also, so much good new music lately. Mayday Parade, Paramore, Relient K, A Rocket To The Moon, The Summer Set and We Shot The Moon all have new albums out/coming out.

Oh, and Glee is my new favorite show. I even have a shirt. YEAH. You're jealous.

I guess that's it for now :D