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Hi Beth   
11:38pm 26/04/2009
  I'm still alive on here.
I'm supposed to be studying and this isn't okay, but yeah. It's too hot to focus.
And I'm too tired from all this lovely weekend sun to care :(

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11:12pm 31/08/2007
  and now, a few hours later, around that same person, I'm pretty much fine. Maybe it's because I cleaned the kitchen. Cleaning things soothes me. I also got to wash a lot of dishes. Ugh, I hate having feelings sometimes.  


01:18pm 31/08/2007
  I have so much frustration eating away inside me right now. But in my infinite attempt to keep everyone around me happy, I'll do nothing about it. It's all stupid stuff, anyway. Petty, even. But one day I'll realize that what I think and what I feel, as passive aggressive as I may be, does matter and does count.

Til then,
back to studying.

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I'm backkk :)   
07:26pm 26/08/2007
  I'm back at school and I've decided that it will be a good year. I'm rooming with Karen and I don't see myself wanting to kill her at any point. Classes start tomorrow and I'm finally excited about it. I have 15 textbooks. My suite is awesome. I have pictures up on facebook. Could my writing be any choppier? Bye.  


11:56pm 06/08/2007
mood: tired
I feel slightly less stressed.
My iPod has broken again and of course I don't have time to get it fixed and I don't have money to get a new one... though priorities are priorities and if I don't get it fixed by time I go back to school I guess I need to get a new one. Crap. I need it fixed by Chicago.

Ok, so because making Suz happy is the actual #1 priority:
My new schedule:

work 9am-9pm

mall to deal with ipod?
work 3-9ish

work 9-3ish
8pm flight to CHICAGOOOO
to get to my LINSERELLA (JIGGLES, to avoid confusion)

playing the best sport with the most fabulous people. :)

ok, that's far enough ahead of planning. reading and studying in any downtime. I can't abandon Harry Potter and my SOAP Notes book, of course.


blah blah blah   
11:34pm 01/08/2007
  I haven't been using LJ much lately, which includes reading other people's stuff, so sorry anyone who cares about me reading what they write. I've been thinking about how I've been taking on too much stuff at school, so I need to e-mail the guy to get me out of Citizen Leaders because I know myself and between e-board for PT Club and APO plus the PT courseload, some people can handle it, and I would if I don't e-mail him, but I need Tuesday nights for studying when Mondays and Wednesdays are the only days I have lecture, which pretty much guarentees that I'll have exams every week, most likely on the Wednesdays. Which means that Tuesday nights are precious.

I never used to half-ass anything, and now I can't stop. I feel like I'll do an inadequate job on e-board for both PT Club and APO, I suck at being on time and I've been bad with deadlines lately. I still haven't filled out the CPPC for APO, but I'm never home with work and it's pretty much manditory that I have a social life or else I'll lose my friends and my mind. And this is stupid, but with reading a lot, I can't catch up on the tv shows and movies I really wanted to see this summer, but it's still something that makes it onto my to-do list. I felt like it was a lot working 25-29 hours a week after they cut back on my time there a little, but I worked 41.7 hours last week without realizing that I went over the 40 hr mark, and I'm on track for 35 hours this week, and I really feel it. I had a cold this weekend, and I don't have my voice back yet. I shouldn't be writing this right now, it's a complete waste of my time and that's why I haven't been on here in a while, and I don't even want to publicly complain about why I really wanna vent, but I already know people's reactions, so there's no point forcing someone to listen.

I ordered the Hairspray! movie soundtrack over a week ago and it's not here yet. I just wanna rock out to some hairspray music :( Why won't Target let me?

I'm spending too much, and while that's always been a problem, mommy has always footed the bill. Not so much anymore. I'm not in financial trouble, but it just sucks growing up and having to pay for things that I need, like textbooks, plane tickets, gas, hotel room, etc. Luckily the other credit card has mostly charges on it for stuff that's for Riston (his laptop), so there's no excuse for me to pay that bill.

I'm taking this opportunity to organize the rest of this week:

9-4 work
4-5 eat
5-? make budget with mom
?-8 put clothing away, do CPPC, pack hockey bag, read 20 pages of Harry Potter
8-11 hockey with Suzanne

9-3:30 work
3:30 eat lunch
4 shower... start getting ready
6:15 leave for Ariel's sweet 16

but I also need to finish and publish the PT club website, start to study my medical terms and soap notes books, clean more of my room and my car, watch more of the movies that need to be returned to blockbuster, and it doesn't seem like that much, but it piles up and is slightly overwhelming me. not to the point where I'm going to have a breakdown though. And I don't even know if I have anything to wear to Ariel's party or not yet. I can't buy anything, though. I need a refresher from a 15/16 year old about what's appropriate Sweet 16 attire. It's been a while and I'm not quite known for dressing for the occasion (I usually get too dressed up or I'm too dressed down).

OK, I guess I feel better. Enough complaining, I desperately need sleep.

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08:29am 03/07/2007
  I missed a step going down the stairs at Amanda's last night (after an awesome kyle xy), and ended up on my back. And my first thought was "oh no, I better be able to play hockey on Thursday night!" Luckily I was able to get up and walk on it, though this morning it's a little stiffer and my range of motion with dorsi and planter flexion is limited, and it feels weak with inversion/eversion :( It's not very swollen looking though. So today I get to be on my feet for 8 or 9 hours. Yay work.  


07:59pm 24/06/2007
mood: hungry
Army Wives is a fun show. Today was Riston's graduation... the principal said all the same things he said during my graduation. I finally finished season 3 of Arrested Development... such an amazing show. Lots of amazing shows on tv. Yay tv!

Mommy made lasagne for tonight. Yay for that, too.

My room is a disgusting mess, but I have no plans to clean it. I have too much clothing and too little space, so that won't get put away. I still haven't finished unpacking from school. But at least I've been getting reading done and seeing friends, so I'm happy.

I don't really like to express my feelings, so I won't, and I'll just go eat dinner now. Bye.

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11:58pm 15/06/2007
mood: sleepy

Damn you, Suzanne. But I wouldn't want you to go to hell because it would remind you of the Devils and you would be happy.


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vacation soooon   
09:36am 16/11/2006

This has been my hell week. After my anatomy exam, which is in about an hour and a half, I'll have had 6 tests and a paper due within the past 2 weeks, plus another one the week before that. I'm definitely ready for Thanksgiving break, and definitely glad it's for a full week. I'm going home Friday and watching High School Musical pop up edition with my mom that night and then most likely going to play hockey in Long Beach. Saturday night there are potential dinner and movie or bowling plans with the mama and Sunday night I guess I'm not going to see Streetlight, but I'm almost ok with it just cause it's that much less driving I have to do, and I saw every band playing this past summer, so I'm not going to buy tickets to the show at the Crazy Donkey or in the city.

Vacation to-do list:
* haircut/color (purple, yay)
* work on friday (yay again)
* visit Debora
* read a lot. 
* go to the mall only once, and not more than that. 

I have a paper due the week after when we get back, so I should probably get on that. And sleep. And a lot of open hockey. That'll take up all my time. yay.


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03:14am 17/10/2006
mood: tired
Wow. Life got majorly destressed. There's still so much to know, but I've been kinda not caring. But still getting things done and getting decent/good grades. It's basically just like last year, but better because I know bigger amounts of awesome people. :)


11:42pm 06/09/2006
mood: blah
Another fucking day,
it's still a nine to five, I swear.
I don't want to reach the top.
I don't want to be a millionaire.
I know that it may sound crazy,
but it's driving me insane.
Staring out the window of another fucking train.

<3 Catch-22.

                         </3 our rush shirts.


09:51pm 04/09/2006
mood: peaceful
This is so annoying. I don't know if I'm behind with my work or not because I feel like I have so much, but it's mostly reading, and I don't reallllly have to do all of it. 

Blahhhh. That's pretty much it. I don't think I've ever watched so many DVDs in such a short period of time. How am I so bored? I baked an apple scone cake today. Everyone loved it but I didn't like it so much so I don't know if they were just lying to me. It was fun to make though. 

APO is starting rush this week so I'll be more busy with that. Yay for busy.


10:28pm 27/08/2006
mood: okay
I'm back at school. Everything is happy. Summer was happy. Life is happy.  I guess. I finally stopped being ridiculously tired today. I love how I get more sleep at school than I do at home. And the whole 9 people squished in the suite thing isn't so bad. Somehow we all fit, and there's always someone missing, but it isn't even so bad when we're all there cause we get along really well and bonding time is good. 

The wireless internet connection that they've got going on here sucks. It keeps kicking all of campus offline. For long periods of time sometimes. Ugh.

Classes start tomorrow. I'm not excited, but they're totally necessary cause I know I'll start to feel really bored soon without work to do. I applied for a work study job in the gym, but I don't know if I'll get it because a lottt of people applied. If I don't, I think I'm just gonna give up on that. I can't get a job without knowing someone. It's kinda sad, but I feel like I'm set for life. That'll have to change.

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11:45pm 06/07/2006
mood: sleepy
He didn't come play tonight, even though softball was cancelled :( But that's ok cause I had 2 friends there to talk to. And he said he'll go with me next week. 

I'm going to Rochester this weekend for a family reunion. Woo...

My mom's car got hit while it was parked, so long story short, we no longer have a Saturn VUE and our Volvo XC90 should be arriving somewhat soon. :) It'll be a black 2.5T. And mommy said she'll give it to me in 2 or 3 years.

Work's been pretty crazy. Except Wednesday when I was sitting around forever doing nothing and getting paid for it. I hate doing that but sometimes the only thing I have left is to sit and wait for the phone to ring. Orna left for Isreal and I hope she's nice and safe. Our championship volleyball game is on Monday night. yay :)

I saw The Devil Wears Prada today. I don't even know if I liked the book or movie better, because both were excellent. 

I still haven't seen Sonia since she's returned from India. Which means I also haven't seen her since Spring Break. But I have been hanging out with Alie a lot this vacation, which is a happy thing. 

Ok, bed time.

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07:42am 30/06/2006
mood: groggy
My dad skipped softball to play hockey with me tonight <3.


12:02am 29/06/2006
mood: blah
The show was amazing last night. For the first time ever I actually enjoyed every band that was part of the show. It was like a big Long Beach reunion. Minus the uniting cause I only said hi to 2 people cause the only thing I knew about the others was that they were from LB from seeing them around or whatever.

I saw a snail today on the step in front of my house. I haven't seen one of those in a while. 

I was supposed to have off tomorrow. But I don't. Instead, I get to stick around for 6 hours. Yay for not having any time to spend with my mom... except not. Because I kinda miss her. Even though I see her everyday.


07:28pm 19/06/2006
mood: blank
feliz cumpleanos a mi madre!

The only thing I don't like about work is that when I get home it feels like the day is over, but it's not like I'd be doing anything productive at home anyway, and while I'm actually at work, I have fun. I like my coworkers, we have fun and laugh all day. Well, most of them. And thanks to my sarcasm that a few of them never knew existed, today was a little bit better. 

Little Mac is driving me crazy. AIM shut down last night and wouldn't let me sign back on. So now I'm back on the Dell for a little bit. 

Relay for Life was only OKish this year. I wish you were there Nicoley. It was very well put together, but I needed more of a core group of friends to hang out with, rather than a lottt of random hellos. But yay cause they raised over $103,000 this year so yay for fighting cancer.

But what I really need is to clean my room a little more and go read some more of the book I took from my grandma before volleyball tonight. 

Oh and yay cause I've been able to hang out with Alie so much this summer. Except she, just like Suejean and Pearl, makes me fat. I went to her house after Father's Day dinner last night and we ate chocolate chip cookies, brownies, strawberries (yay health!), popcorn, and cookies&cream dibs. And I drank soda! Ugh. And Friday nights are our bowling night. It's good drunken (on life) fun. She said "I think I drank too much" and then started tipping over... after drinking some Vitamin Water... so yeah. And then we're so deliriously tired by time we get home that we look like we're high cause we're laughing at absolutely nothing and like not seeing things correctly.

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06:04pm 11/06/2006
mood: tired
Ahhh sooo tired lately. I even took a nap today, until I got woken up to find out that Paul can't be on my Relay For Life team cause of bowling. So now there are 3 of us, plus Riston, who technically is on the team but won't be actually hanging out with us. And then while I was still groggy I called Emily and yay I actually got to talk to her this time. I hope I get to see her this week before Relay now that school is winding down for her. 

I finally went to my gym yesterday. I got an ok workout. The place is nothing special, but that's what I'm paying for. I think the only part I don't like is that there isn't much of an area to stretch or do ab work. Also, it's kinda disorganized, but whatever. Eventually I'll get used to the layout and all their machines. I'm really sore so I guess I got a better workout than I originally thought I did. And then I had a beach volleyball game with people from work last night. We won. Yay. And then I had work this morning. Booo. But it was only for like 2 hours. I worked like 40 hours this week. I can't waitttt til I get my paycheck this Friday. It's gonna be so nice. And then they want me to work on next Sunday morning, too. But I have Relay for Life that night before sooo I don't think I'll be in any condition to work. Though I remember I used to have hockey games the day after, but I was always really tired and bad during them too. Wait, no I wasn't. I think I usually surprised myself and played well. 

Ohh and Friday night was fun. After going out for dinner to celebrate Jamael's 21st birthday, Alie, Luda, and Marianna went bowling and Alie and I were so tired that we were acting like we were drunk cause we were laughing at absolutely nothing and oh man... good times. Most of the good time was that I won ;)

Ok I'm gonna go see if my mom wants to watch High School Musical with me.

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04:17pm 08/06/2006
  I think I just joined a gym in Lynbrook because the guy doing the sign up was cute. I didn't even take a tour of the gym and I'm gonna feel sooo self-conscious my first time there cause it's like all high school boys. I don't know if they have a locker room and stuff and whatever. I don't regret it because it's nearby and I need a place to lift weights. Maybe it'll be sorta empty at 9 or 10am on Saturday mornings. I desperately need a workout buddy right now. 

And Suz, the cute boy said that I can't use my card at any Gold's Gym, but the member literature says that I can get a travel card from them and go 14 times per calendar year to another one, so I don't know if it requires full membership or if I'm ok for that.