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Monday, June 19th, 2006
8:31 am - Finals in 3 days.....

Uggghhhhhhh! I have my final schedule:

Thursday: L.A.
Friday: Social
Monday: Math
Tuesday: Science

One day (before the 30th) I have to go to J.P. to get my summer school schedule. I'm taking gym, this way I can take Chem 20 w/out having to cut out one of my options. I'm in all AP! WhoOt! But that means I have to get my math mark up a bit. 

And because of summer school I won't really even be able to enjoy my summer. I have to go to school on my birthday!


Lotsa love my Livejournal mates,


current mood: anxious

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
3:45 pm - ello
Hello. I know I haven't been on in forever.... but I have a lot to talk about, so it's all good.

MMkay..let's start off.

Currently, I am in the library now ecause I, Alyssha riley, am going to a basketball game at 4:00. WhoOt! I've never been to a basketball game before, so this'll be an...experience. Hopefully i'll have fun. Though I probably won't stay for the whole thing because sports can kinda bore me, so I'll watch for a bit and then go home. My friend Shannon is on the team and so it probably won't be that boring.

I got my interims last week! My social was a 68 (but is currently around a 75-76 thanks for my awesome test-doing skills)my science a 94, L.A. a 79 (went up) but averaged w/ my other mark it's an 81, my french a 93 (went down because she decreased weightings), math is a 72. It was an 80 but Ms. Kendall is stupid and on a test that I got 21/24 on, she added a 0 onto the 24. For no reason. So my mark dropped 8%. Sucky.

But overall, not bad. 3 A's (L.A. technically is one), 2 B's. not bad, eh? Makes me happy!

I'm reading an awesome book. It's called Always and Forever. It's about a girl who is diagnose with leukemia. So far, it's really good. 

Basketball game in 8 minutes!



I wanna go back to Old Russia. Like, when Anastasia was alive. I wanna be rich and just see all the buildings and see the people. I think it would be amazing. Some of their dresses were pretty.

Or I wanna be an old princess, like a French one. Because French is a pretty language and their dresses were sooooo pretty.

I'm a nerd, aren't I?

Whatever, I'm a Russian-sristocrat-French-princess-in-a-pretty-dress nerd! Hahaha. Try saying that 5 times fast!

Anywhooo gotsa go, game in 3 minutes!

Lotsa love my Livejournal mates,

current mood: excited

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
5:20 pm - The Mall, House of Wax, Cheyenne, Krissy&Dayle

Yesterday I went to the Mall.

The day before I got 50 bucks from Auntie and a Marilyn Monroe book.

The day before I got 50 bucks from Grandma Geneva.

I spent 50 yesterday.

I went to the mall with Cheyenne, she's one of my best friends, we're almost/practically sisters I slept over a her palce last night and we watched House of Wax. That movie creeped me out. I thought it'd be bad, but I was sooo frickin scared. But I'm also really jumpy. I laughed so fruckin hard when Paris Hilton was killed.

Tonight at 6:30 I am going to Candycane Lane with Dayle and Krissy. Dayle is my godmother, who other than the last time i saw her (15 minutes on Halloween) was years ago. And Krissy is my cousin, who though I sometimes talk to on the phone, I haven't seen in 4 or 5 years. I'm nto gonna get into that story, it's a little too personal for LJ.

I wrote a poem earlier. Here it is:

Observations in the Back seatCollapse )

Lotsa lvoe my Livejournal mates,


current mood: bored

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Wednesday, December 28th, 2005
1:31 pm

Here....are some pictures of me from Christmas.



PicsCollapse )

Lotsa love my Livejournal mates!


current mood: bouncy

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11:52 am - My IQ, Xmas, and god-damned Prince Charmings!

Took an IQ test on Tickle.com, according to them I have an IQ of 120. I think that's probably good for someone my age. But I dunno, I'm hapy with it. Even though you can't really rely on internet IQ tests, they're not that inaccurate.

I had a good Christmas, I GOT AN IPOD NANO! Squee! and a DVD player, and a manicure kit, and tonnes of other cool stuff!

It's sooo frickin awesome!

Antway, one of the movies i got was CInderella, the re-done version (so it looks better and more up-to-date). And y'know what? I want my Prince Charming! I want someone tall, muscular but not too muscular (it's intimidating), with nice green or blue or hazel eyes, and daekish hair, with a nice voice and nice hands. I want someone whose sweet, and can make me laugh and smile, and someone who'll stand up for me.

I want him now too!

I hate waiting for things.


Lotsa love my Livejournal mates,


current mood: chipper

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Thursday, December 15th, 2005
7:46 pm - 700 hundred flippin candy grams, hypocriticalness, Mecca, and obsession with Fall Out Boy!

Mmmkay, today I sold candy grams. Guess what?

My school only has 515 students and Ms. Dhillon says that we probably sold 700! 700-flippin-candygrams! And they only bought 100 candy canes. lol. But seriously, one kid bought 60! And another kid bought 40!

Like, holy frickingness!

I recently spied on Patrick Stump's Livejournal.

It's pretty sweeetness.

I think I'll comment, but he hasn't updated since September, so maybe if he updates more recently.


Tomorrow I'm stayin at school til 6:30! Gotsa library party/work bee thing. PIZZA! And then on Monday's the Yearbook commitee's pizza lunch, and then on Wednesday's the Leadership commitee's pizza lunch.

I'm gonna be soooo fat.

Y'know what bothers me? Hanna called Rayven fat today. Rayven's not fat, she's a little chubby but she's not fat. And Hanna should not be talking. She's flippin 200 pounds! Like, we're in grade 9! (I'm 14 in case you didn't know), and I know I'm overweight, but i'm not fucking 200 pounds!

Like, I have really low self-esteem, and so when people put other people down for often times no reason it bugs me. Like, apparently Hanna said it for NO reason. Like, you don't pay attention to what you're saying, but you don't know how that affected (or is it effected?) the person you made fun of.

And me and Mecca were pretty upset about what Hanna said. Like Hanna acts like she's better than everyone. Just because she was born in New Jersey and isn't a fucking Canadian like the rest of us, and because her grandparents have a cabin up in Quebec, and because she might move to New York or London, and she has a stupid house by the Story Land Valley Zoo. (A God-damned expensive area).

And she walks around with all her stuff hanging out. Seriously, her stomach, boobs, arms, I even saw her ass crack once! Seriously, no one wants to see that.


But I really like Mecca, she's really nice and I have a feeling me and her are gonna be good friends. She said that she knew I as nice when I first said "hi", which is weird, cause most people say I look mean.

And i'm also growing more in love wih Fall Out Boy.



Lotsa love my Livejournal mates,



current mood: contemplative

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7:55 am - Urrrkky-ness

School today....as usual, it's only Thursday. 6 more days until Xmas break!

Y'know what? Throwing the clothes that were on your floor into your hamper while crying is very theraputic. So is listening to Fall Out Boy. I reccomend them, they're also hot.

I really wanna watch Degrassi, too bad I'll have to wait til Monday. :(

I love this video, the guys in the band are all dressed as nerds, and Patrick Stump is soooo cute. And his dancing rocks my world along with the Western Universe and all under-developed countries. And that's a serious compliment, normally i just tell people that they rock the Western world and all under-developed countries.

I hope my freinds don't hate their gifts. Well, whatever, they hate my gifts and I hate them. Waaaaiittt... I alredy pretty much hate my friends....except Erika...and Kassie...and Amy......and too many to list.

Lotsa love my Livejournal mates,


current mood: chipper

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
7:02 am

Guess what? My parents let me open up one of my presents. Well, actually two attached to each other. I'm not really gonna talk about the first one. But the second was a CD. The new Black Eyed Peas CD. And, sure, I like a couple songs off the CD....but I don't really want it.

And so I feel kinda bad..and disappointed. I told my mom, "How did you know I wanted this?" Y'know, to be nice. And my mom said, "You didn't." And so I'm just thinking, is this some weird joke?, and then she said, "But I messed up and got the wrong CD."

Like, I know I should appreciate it because my parents got it for me, but I don't want it. Normally, I appreciate all my gifts, even if its socks (I <3 socks), but....c'mon, she knew I didn't want it and she still gave it to me.

And now I have to keep it cause it's rude to say I don't want it.

Fuck, this doesn't make me too happy. Like, I don't know what to do. Should I tell my mom I don't really like it, or keep it and not say anything?

But it's not like they're not gonna find out, I'm probably gonna have a miserable look on my face for the rest of the night.

And, I dunno, but life is kinda sucking right now. And it's getting me pretty upset.

Lotsa love my Livejournal mates &  hope you get better gifts for Xmas than I did,


current mood: discontent

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Monday, December 12th, 2005
10:03 am - Christmas...

Is coming up! Oooohhhh.... I can't wait. There's this one present for me under the tree that is soooooo huuuuge! My mom told me yesterday that she spent about $1200.00 on everyone and at least $600.00 was spent on me. I'm a little spoiled.

I had to tell TJ not to get me Fantastic Four cause there's a DVD for me under the tree and it might be that movie....and I'd hate to get two of the same gift.

But I'm in school right now....and sooooo starving.

It's only second period! One more to go til lunch. urrrkkk.

I'm trying to play Gold rush on Zylom but this stupid school computer is not letting me. :(

Today I'm going to Mecca's house to help her with math stuff. Our unit final is prolly this week and she knows NOTHING (she moved here from BC and she hasn't taken math yet) so I hope she doesn't have to take it. Not to be mean but she'll do sooooo bad.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Lotsa love my Livejournal mates,


current mood: blah

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Saturday, December 10th, 2005
4:46 pm - Weight and Christmas presents!

I went Christmas shopping today and got gifts and stuff to make chocolate truffles!

But before i get into that....yesterday I checked y weight and i had dropped 2 pounds, last time i checked i had lost 2 pounds, and the time before that 2 pounds.

All and al I've lost 6 pounds!


But onto what i got people:

Jackie- a cool stuffy with funky hair and weird eyes. she'll sooo love it.

Shannon- a teddy bear with a hat and scarf and mitts.

Igor- a monkey stuffy

Maddy- a snowman stuffy

Erika- a stuffed puppy.

Benjamin and Zachary: a Rock 'em and Sock 'em game..thing.

Amanda (my cousin)- a Spongebob poster

Jeremy (my older cousin)- A Jessica Simpson Dukes Of Hazzard poster.

That's it.

And i'm making chocolates for Peter (Auntie's boyfriend), Holly, TJ, Jennifer.

Have a good weekend and

Lotsa love my Livejournal mates,


current mood: tired

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Thursday, December 8th, 2005
5:54 pm - Glenora Preschool, Poetry, Happiness and Sadness, Oh MY!

Mmkay...remember how I talked about going to Glenora Preschool? Well, here's what happened!

(I'm gonna skip the part where they called us down and we waited then marched through snow to get there.)

So we get there, and the first thing I think is: Oh Lord! I am soooo nervous! And the second thing I think is: Whoa! This ceiling is low! And I stood there, watching everybody get called into the room one by one to meet their buddy, and looking in to see this little girl crying! She was sooo scared and nervous...kinda how i felt.

And so i get in there and I meet my buddy: Jaxson. First thing: this kid is sooo adorable. He had blond hair and sooo adorable blue/green eyes and he just ooked up at me in this way that made me go: awwwww.

So I crouched down so I was eye-level with him and asked him to show me his name (there were plates with the upside-down icecream cone one them...each with the kids name). I would have looked but (don't be mad at me) I had forgotten his name! Thankfully, one of the teachers came over and said: "Jaxson, your plate's right here, come sit down!"

I sooo owe her.

So I helped him make his little tree, helped him put the icing on and the candy on, while making my own. And he was soooo quiet..i swear I thought he didn't like me. After that they sang three song from their Christmas concert for us (it was soooooo cute). Then I read two and a half books with him.

Then when we were going a little boy stands up and huggs his buddy, and so Jaxson stands up and holds out his arms to hug me so I walk toward him and he runs and gives me a hug. It completely made my heart melt. He only came up to below my hips and he was standing on tip-toes (awwwwww).

It was such a great experience...i wish I could do it again! Oooohhh...how i so wish i could do it again.

However, later on in the day, things got worse.

It was the beginning of sixth period and i asked my teacher if i could quickly go to the washroom before the bell rang. He said yes so i left. The bathroom's only, like, five steps away. And I walk in there and I see my friend standing facing the opposite wall.

I yell her name nad when she doesn't reply i look into the mirror to see that she's crying! So I go up to her and ask her what's wrong. Guess what she told me? Apparently her dad beat her and then got put in jail, and her mom's taking HIS SIDE and making my friends spend time with him.

And i'm soo worried. I was late for class because i stayed with her. And I'm soo worried. And, I'm sooo happy, but I feel like I shouldn't be happy because she's so upset and what she's going through is so terrible.

I feel like an asshole.

I don't know what to do.

I seriously need advice.

Anyone got any to offer me?

A few minutes ago I wrote this poem, it's weird, but I like it. It makes no sense, but it seems like it fits. I dunno. It needs a title, so any suggestions would be good.


UntitledCollapse )

The references: Breakfast At Tiffany's: a movie

Some Like It Hot: a movie

Groove Is In The Heart- a song

Dancing With Myself- a song

Gossip Girl- a series of books

Hey Ya- a song.

Lotsa love my Livejournal mates,


current mood: confused

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7:38 am - Glenora Pre-school, Christmas Plans, Hungryness, and Tutoring, OH MY!

Today is....




GLENORA Pre-school! It's gonna be soooo fun....I loove little kids. They're ooo little and soooo cute! And they might perform their Christmas concert for us after we help them make gingerbread houses or christmas trees (while making one for ourselves). I can't wait.

The plan:

Go to school...hopefully my bus won't be too late. (hopefully it won't be too cold in case it is late)

Get to school hopefully on time.

Go to my locker and put my stuff away...then go to math class.

Sit in math class for 15 minutes, then they'll call us down.

Go to my locker and take out my jacket and put my stuff away.

Go to Glenora Pre-school.

Miss Periods I (Math) and Period II (Science...suckiness)



Now..onto Christmas plans...

I've planned to get Shannon a stuffie..preferably a pig (that's what she said she wanted), TJ chocolates me and my mom are making some this weeeknd for people), Natasha proably a stuffie..preferably a horse (she loooves horses), Erika....prolly a stuffed puppy (my nickname for her is puppybear), Benjamin and Zachary.... Zachary: Black Eyed Peas: Monkey Business, Benjamin: System of a Down: dunno what it's called...but he wants their new one.

My mom: noooo flippin idea!

My dad: noooo flippin idea!

My auntie Willa: the pincushion I'm making in fashion class.

My cousin Amanda: no idea.

My cousin Jeremy: nooo idea.

What do i know I'm getting?

Likely, Four Brothers and Fantastic Four (from TJ).

Urrrkkk.....I'm hungry.

But guess what?

I now have more of a life!

On Mondays and Thursdays, I shall be tutoring (or helping) the new girl Mecca. She's from BC (and yes, that's her real name), and she has NO idea what we're doing.


Lotsa love my Livejournal mates,



current mood: hungry

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
6:16 am - Cousins, Garrett Hedlund, My Humps, and Glenora Pre-school OH MY!

Mmmmkay, my cousin are over at the mo: Benjamin and Zachary. They're cool, a little annoying, but cool. Benjamin's two years younger than me, and Zachary's a year and a half younger than him. Benjamin's playing Grand Tourismo (ancient...but cool) and we're listening to My Humps, and Zachary's standing here watching him.

I'm officially obsessed with Garrett Hedlund again. I have a Four Brothers wallpaper with Garrett on it......goooorrrrgeeeeoooooussss! It's my preciousssssssss. Haha. I think i'm scaring Benjamin and Zachary. Haha.

I <3 My Humps. I know, I know. It's slutty as hell and it only ives guys permission to call us sluts and whores and goldiggers.

But it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shexy!

But y'know what's awesome?

Tomorrow...is Glenora Preschool!


I go to school, only go to Period I (Math.....total yayness) for about 15 minutes, then at 9:15 they cll us down. Then we go to our lockers. Drop our stuff off. And get into our jackets. And go.

But what do we do there?

We get to help little 4 and 5 year olds make gingerbread christmas trees or houses. ANd guess what? At the end they might perform their Christmas Concert for us! Complete awwwwness.

I completely cannot wait. But I've never built a gingerbread house....or a gingerbread Christmas Tree. Hopefully it won't be that bad.




Lotsa love my Livejournal mates,


PS. Christmas coming up...anyone wanna tell me what they want?

current mood: energetic

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Monday, November 21st, 2005
10:10 am - Harry Potter, Carmen and Me, Viktor Krum and hotness, oh MY!

Guess who saw Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire on Saturday at 3:00, with their best friend who they hadn't seen in over a year and thinks the guy who plays Viktor Krum is hot (but can't pronounce his name)?





it was sooo incredibly cool! We went ot see the 1:00 show (got there at 12:50) and the line to see the movie was sooo long (plus they were sold out). So me and Carmen bought tickets for the 3:00 show. Until then we hung out. I had the NASTIEST drink from Starbucks EVER! It was a Caramel Apple Cider. I thought it would be good, cause caramel and apples are good . .but it was complete 100% total EWNESS!

I saw a book on Marilyn Monroe, it was pictures, quotes, and info on her. I'm sooo gonna buy it. Marilyn Monroe is my idol!

Anyway, saw the movie, it's soo cool. You MUST see it. The guy who plays Viktor Krum (whose name i shall someday learn to pronounce) was preet-ay hot. Plus his accent was awesome. It went a little fast though, so it's very likely I'll see it again a couple more times before it's released on DVD/video.

I had sooo much fun with Carmen. I swear it was one of the best days of my life. We went in a photo booth and got pictures, the first and last picture only has HALF of her face. And we went into the portait studios thing (pay five bucks it takes 3 pictures, you pick one, it draws a portrait of it) and got a portait.

(I'll upload those after)

After we dropped Carmen off at home my parents and me went to Boston Pizza and i had these southwestern potatoe skins (without the chipotle) and they were sooo good. Like, orgasmic good! You must, must try them!

And then I went home, obsessed over Viktor Krum/Stanislav Ianevski (the guy who plays Viktor Krum), stayed up til after midnight (oooh I'm such a rebel!), and then went to bed.

It was awesome.

Anyway, must go (I'm in school and class is over in 15 minutes)

Lotsa love my Livejournal mates,



current mood: chipper

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Friday, November 18th, 2005
11:46 am - Urk.


Not goin to school today. . sick. Kinda.

I feel bad.

I've never known my real dad .. but the dad i know is the dad who's raised me since i was 4.

And, y'know, i kinda lvoe my real dad. Though I've never met, talked to, seen, or heard from him. Like, he's my dad, i can't hate him.

But I feel like I'm being unfair to my dad. . the noe whose raised me since i was 4.


current mood: confused

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Sunday, November 6th, 2005
3:13 pm - Before you axe-murder me...

Oki. . .before you axe-muder me, I know I've been gone for awhile. But I have a lot to say so...hopefully this'll make up for that.

Last night we went to Aunties. To be honest, I didn't have much fun. I saw Amanda (yayness!), which is always nice, but I spent most of the time lonely. We went there, ate dinner, then they started playing darts or cards. . or talking. Me and Amanda stayed upstairs and watched a bit of TV. Then Amanda left. They live in a new subdivision that's still a part of Edmonton but kinda not. . they live on the North end, only 10 min away from Fort Sask. There's not alot of kids in the neighborhood. . and most of them are, like, 7. But Jessica and Racuelle are 12, i think. So they're not bad. Plus, they're coolness. 

But I didn't feel like gonig out so Amanda went out by herself. I basically sat there and watched TV. Then the adults (my mommy, my daddy, peter [auntie's boyfriend], and auntie) left to go sing Karaoke at a bar. But Auntie has a karaoke machine. So. . huh? But then amanda came back and I went out witrh her, Jessica, and Racuelle. We went to this kid named Rasmo's house and bugged him. Then we went to Jessica's house and prank called Rasmo. It was sooo fun. Jessica's brothers (twins!) and their friends were playing poker very loudly and to be honest, I felt awkward as HELL! It was maaaajor suckage!

We wnt back out to see Rasmo (we called. . first Racuelle was a paki person from pizza hut, then a girl named Brit, then we were holly, am and some other chick. We said he could come over and we'd come pick him up). So we go to his house (down the street) and say "Ready For the sleepover?".


after that I went back in and sat around donig NOTHING! Amanda wanted to stay out so i was alone. Afte about. . . maybe an hour. . maybe more...the adults got back. Amanda was back right after them. Amanda stayed fro, like, 15-20 min then left back to jessicas house. Amanda thinks one of the twins is hot. . i think they're both FUGLY! 

So I sat downstairs with the adults who played darts. Auntie started gnig on about how I call myself a geek and how beautiful I am .She's like, "You say: 'I'm a geek! Don't talk to me! You need self confidence! I love you, you're beautiful, you're my mouse!'" It drove me nuts.

Then I started to talk about my french mark (which is somewhere between a 96-98), but I also talked about how i bombed a math test. And auntie's like, "Why do you only talk about your good marks? Even if you fail I'll still love you! You need confidence" It drove me nuts. She was basically saying that I have no confidence and my parents put too much pressure on me.

She also said that I try to be too perfect. I know I'm not perfext, I don't try to be. But, maybe I try too hard. Maybe I put too much pressure on myself (I KNOW I do). But, who is she to say that?

I officially gave up one of my dreams-graduating at the end of grade 11. Me and Amanda are hopefully gonna be gonig to the same highschool. And so we wanna graduate together. But I want to graduate early. Bjut I also want to graduate with her. After all, we're family.

I'm also sad thar i NEVER get to sing. I love to sing, I'm good at it. But I can't anymore. My parents are always home. . and if i sing while they're home i get "Be quiet!" constantly. And when I'm alone it's like I don't have the voice.

I'm pretty sad right now.      

current mood: sad

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Thursday, October 27th, 2005
7:56 am

My friend Igor brought pictures yesterday  of me on Halloween last year. I was as fusion of Courtne Love and Jimi Hendrix.


current mood: nervous

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Monday, October 3rd, 2005
6:10 pm

I'm sorry.

Here's a poem I wrote though.

I can see the sea
Beneath my table where
My looking glass stands
On end.

And my looking glass, like
A window where I can see
A court where a jester's dancing.

The jester, so surreal-like
Stands on end for an audience
Who watches in underappreciation.

I can see the break in his
Mask as they stare him down
In scrutiny.

And my looking glass blurs
And I can no longer see the poor
Jester, who I have sympathy for.

Though as I look to my window,
I can see the jester dance outside,
For me, just for me.

I watch in honor as he does
A cartwheel and lands in my arms to
My delight.

And he removes his mask,
For me, and only for me,
And I see his face.

'Lo and behold, what I see
Shocks me, for my jester, my
Fool, is nothing but a mortal man.

He is so beautiful, so pretty
In the Sun that he glows, and I
sit in admiration.

And his face breaks out in smile
And song, and I can't help but watch
And listen, for he is so pretty.

He begins to dance again and
I just sit and stare into his eyes
As he smiles, the most beautiful smile.

I know that I am glowing, the heat
From my cheeks could warm me
For months.

And I am so happy, my heart
Races and I can feel myself ache,
Quiver, and explode.

Then, as I look below to my
Sea beneath my table where my
Looking glass stands.

I can see through my window
A sad, sad, world and I know he
Must return.

And with a tear in my eye I watch
As he goes back and leaves me lonely,
But oddly happy.

But when I get lonely, or sad,
I can look into my window and see
him dancing.

And I,
I know that he is happy, because
He sees me staring down at him,
And when I see him I ache, quiver,
And explode.

It's called My Window

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Sunday, September 4th, 2005
8:02 pm - New Hair.

Got my hair cut. click the link to see.

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Monday, August 29th, 2005
2:11 pm - Heeelllo

I haven't posted in THE longest time.

Hope nobody hates me.

Kassie is over .. she's cool. She's calling her boyfriends house and so I'm updating this at the moment.




She's baaack.

Umm . ..ya.

I'm gonna get the transcript of Garrett at Much and post it on here.

A couple weeks ago I was at my aunties house and she gave me, like, 20 V.C. Andrews books. But I like VC Andrews so it's ok.I finished one series (5 books!) in 2 days.


Well, just thought I'd update.



PS. School's on Thursday!

current mood: amused

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