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with [every] single letter..in [every] single word..

..there will be a {hidden message} about a [boy] that loves a [girl]

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Nic <3 Steve
5 December
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x I am in Love With Stephen.
x ...he is my bitch.
x i have black hair..
x ... but its naturally Brown.
x i play drums..and i think im pretty good.
x i am amused easily
x but can be bored easily too
x i ♥ all my friends
x But i love my Stephen more..cause hes God
x i judge people
x and i'm jealous of many people..
x although i really shouldn't be half the time..
x cause it's just stupid..
x and annoying..
x but Stephen finds it hilarious
x i hate broken promises
x they make me sad
x i heart eyeliner
x I also heart piercings..
x Stephen has 9..
x at least 4 are there to remind him of me...
x i dislike tatooes...
x ..but i don't mind looking at other peoples..
x Did i mention i am in Love With Stephen.
x ..and also love my friends.
x I love those moments in time where you with that ONE..and all of a sudden..your whole life has found a meaning.
x I like long hugs...
x and Kisses from Stephen..
x i like to cuddle into Stephen and feel warm..
x i sound like a complete Stephen hogger..
x well actually...
x i am.
x I Like to laugh..
x I laugh alot..
x at anything...
x including my own jokes.
x i like going to gigs..
x although i've not been to many..
x and the ones i have been too..have either been..
x or just down right Poo (My Chemical Romance at the barrowlands..what a dissapoitment)
x I like the Sky..
x and stars are extremly pretty..
x infact theres one up there that Stephen named after me..
x My own special Star.
x i love my nicknames Stephen gives me.
x I think guys in Pink are hott.
x Stephen wears pink...
x But hes hotter than Hott..
x and i own his ass...
x so back off! :)
x I am a Disney Fanatic.
x i dance in my room to anything..
x and then make a complete fool of myself when i dance in public..
x But i dont care.
x cause i know im Hott...lmfao
x i hate having to Que or wait for stuff..
x it happens all the time..
x i like to que Jump..
x but i hate being caught.
x i don't like dissobaying my parents..
x but i do it on a regular basis..
x i hate The whole "hand grabbing crotch while walking" look many neds nowadays have adopted..
x its horrible..
x and makes me wanna slap them..
x I like the rain..
x I LOVE kisses in the rain..
x i like being kept warm in the cold..
x by stealing Stephen jumpers..
x but not acctually stealing them..
x cause he gives me his clothes so im warm..
x cause He is Amazing..and the most caring guy i know.
x I LOVE Converse.
x and Slip-on Vans..
x i currently hate posing bastards..and Fakes.
x who i know plenty of..
x and i wish they would all die of some terrible disease..
x that kills them all.
x i hate pidgeons..
x cause half of them are fat..
x and the other half have no toes..
x i am allergic to caffeine..
x which means i cant drink coke..
x so i am now a sprite Addict..
x and have a sevre addiction problem..
x i hate to be ignored..
x and i constantly try and be centre attention..
x i have a love for Brussel Sprouts..
x and dipping them in Gravy..
x and Love maths.
x i'm a wannabe Geek..
x and i'm constantly catagorised as Emo!
x i have undying Love for the word "dang"
x but have yet to come across a sentence to use it in.
x i hate man boobs..
x only cause they make the men have bigger boobs than me..
x and thats not naturally right..
x i hate the whole XCORE thing..
x But me and Stephen have such a laugh slagging it..
x and adding it to any word..
x Just to be cool..
x i also hate the word KTHX..
x cause its such a gay word
x and its totally overused
x in the most stupidest places..
x im not Scared of death..
x Just what happens after it..
x im in love with my Ipod.
x i am a doodler..
x and enjoy art..
x but only draw well when im TOTALLY motivated to do so..
x ohh..and did i mention..

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