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MoNiiQuiiTa'S eL-JaY
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[May 22, 10:05 pm]
[ mood | uughhh !! =\ ]

hey .. well today was an awesome dday .. and upsetting day all at te same time .. well to start yesterday i went to the movies with ivana cachie vane yayi eddy bobby and miche .. tons of fun .. watched monster in law and then we went to la carreta .. funnn =) yeaa ! and then heres sunday okay .. i wake up and me and ashley plan to shill for a while since we havent for like 43906994 years !! so yea .. we fix some of our study guide then we went to dadeland to get me some plaid abercrombie shorts !! woot woot ! it was hilarious .. julian met up with us and we all hung out for a while .. then he went to go watch star wars .. and me and ashley went home to go out .. then the worstpart happened .. i really dont want to get into details cuz i think if i do i might cry .. cuz w/e .. its the best thing .. i love you i really do .. =\ .. then yea .. ashley was there for me while i cried and let it all out .. then we went to go pick up brian from mo's party .. cuz he wasnt having fun so we went to bail him ut hehehe *evil laugh* .. but rosie had showed up at te same time .. so he went home with his parentals and ashley dropped me off .. today has been such an emotional roller coaster .. so im just guna go to sleep .. I LOVE YOU ALL !! .. *GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS .. WHATEVER HAPPENS .. HAPPENS .. IF ITS MEANT TO BE ITLL HAPPEN =\ *
x O : m O n i i C a *

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[May 10, 7:20 pm]

this weekend was mothers day .. and oh yea .. new layout .. woot woot =) .. pink ..its hott ! im really bored and lately the teachers have been giving us like NO HOMEWORK thank God !! and also things are going pretty well for the most part .. parts are kind ehh =\ struggling .. oh well .. cristy almost has herself a puerto rican boyfriend !! alrightyy !! go cristy .. hopefully i can go visit her in the summer .. cant wait .. saw house of wax with ivana cachie and vane on saturday .. that was superrrr scaryy .. i was so freaked out .. got home at like 2 .. internet then went to sleep (with the lights on) lol about 6 days left of school and i am ecstatic !! the year has passed by fast .. but finally 9th grade will be over with .. woooo hoooo .. FINALLY !! w/e .. im going to go study for a history test now !!
x O . M o N i C a <3

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[April 28, 8:37 pm]
[ mood | =D this feelings so greatt ! ]





 x O . tommorows sushi's 15's WooT WooT .. FUN =D . O x

xx : ME =) <333333

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[April 20, 7:16 pm]

well i usually dont update for weeks at a time

but today was especial n i decided (due to sheer boredom) that i was going to update

nothing new has happened .. ivana was over today b/c she was feeling sicky poo *CHORUS : AWWW*

and tom. is my 4 month anniversaryy !! =) wEeEe* ..

soo excited .. than friday .. im giong to the beach with a handful of people :

Myself . ivana . christy . bianca . julian & desi (maybe) n then cach-e might come crash our party

n maybe orlandito and yelen too =D wOoOo JUST GOT EXCITED THERE ..

i never posted pics from ivana's 15s so here are a few .. n some blends i made that were supper dope !


FoLLoW mE - - >Collapse )

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[April 17, 5:26 pm]

another new layout .. =)

even spiffier than the one before .. dont you think ?! ..

hO'yEa .. yesterday natalies' party was LIKE alot of LIKE fun ! lol

everyone danced .. all nite long . today i had a soccer game

boy .. were they mean .. but my team was 10 times meaner GRRR .. lol

but 3 girls got hurt : CRISTY CYNTHIA N KRISTEN .. aww <3 yaa !

its alrightay .. we got all next week off from practice yay ..

korey is supposed to be coming over later .. but he's hanging out *with people .. which shall remain nameless LoL

w / e .. he probly wont be able to come tho .. cuz his mom might not even pick him up til late

hopefully not .. but .. anyways .. im gonna go talk with cristy =) shes awesome <3 jOo !!

  x O - M o N i C a

comment children .. =D

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[April 13, 9:41 pm]
[ mood | happy .. =) ]

New Layout .. jOo Like ! ?
yeyuh .. hope ya like it ..
everything is fine with everyone .. thank GOD!
its about time .. i love you alll !!

x O : mOniiQuiiTa

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=) and =( .. i <3 KOREY !! [April 7, 4:46 pm]
[ mood | choose friends wiselyy ! ]

well ye i fixed the layout .. LIKEY ?! =)
its qt .. i <3 jessica simpson so i thought it was quite perfect
wow well tom. is ivana's birthday .. n icant wait .. too excited !
than saturday is that party n its guna be tubularr!!
im staying the nite =) wh0op wh0op .. yepp ..well now i gota finsh my h /w
because i got soccer practice so ya im guna go now ..
gota finsih all my tarea ! GRrRr! . . well down below is dedicated to someone who i guess you can say

im not friends anymore ? .. well i know shes reading =\ ..


dedicated .. you know who you are ..Collapse )

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[March 29, 7:46 pm]
[ mood | wHaTeVeR mOoD . . bLaH bLaH . ]

well i was thinking of putting this entry under an LJ cut cuz its guna b so damn long but naa .. im ujst guna type =) h'OkAy here goess  : :

well first of all .. FRIENDS COME AND GO ! .. you'll never know who you're true friends are until a guy gets in the picture then if they ditch you for the guy ((who totally isnt even worth it)) than you know they wont be there for you in the long run .. sad part is i trusted this one specific person n i honestly doubted a fcuking guy would come between us EVER .. n than to try to act like its all ok afterwards .. n on top of it ALL .. when he finally drops you .. who do you come running to first .. n sad part is .. i was a good friend n ignored everything you had put me thru .. but you know what .. i thought u'd learn u're lesson but you didnt .. you went back n then he told me shit YOU said about me .. which is sooo DICK of you .. and he is an ass to for tellin me stuff that you confided in him .. w/e im soo over that fcuking drama cuz you know what in the end i learned who my real friends were and who i could go to when things go wrong .. i thought that we had some different kind of friendship .. like something totally awesome God had given us .. THOUGHT WRONG ! .. im such a sucker for falling for what people say .. im so effing stupid cuz im so gullable n wat do i get as a result .. people walk all overme and take advantage .. FUCK IT !

anyways.. onto something better .. SPRING BREAK IS OVER .. holly shit it passed by so flippin fast .. i got to gether with kOREY ! ((thank goodness)) .. =) .. that was pretty much the highlight of my vacation lol .. well thats h'okay .. w.e school blows now cuz wwe just got back n we already have SAT's .. GRR .. but ivana's 15's are coming soon .. they're like in two weeks =) w0ot w0ot .. cant wait ! its guna be soo much funn .. woah just got really excited for that n the dress is soo pretty .. its like soo beautiful =) lol i cant wiat to wear it .. n than its guna look even prettier when i wear it in the 15's with my partner .. hmm .. lmao .. i downloaded so many songs to my siters i-pod .. cuz she gave me the password to download .. ((MAJOR MISTAKE)) .. n now she has almost 5o songs .. b/c of mee ! but they rock my effing socks so its all goooood .. oo btw did i mention i love my seat for SAT's .. i sit in like the greatest spot .. behind me is dano .. the new kid .. hes dope .. super nice .. n then next to me is jesseniia in front of her is chris de pablo n ten in front of me is gloria .. its so awesome .. but the worst part our teacher is the anit-christ .. mrs.valdes .. ugghh .. wat a meany pants ! seriously .. well anyways .. i gota work on my science invention due friday .. if you have any ideas .. comment por favorr

well havent updated in a while so it was sweeet .. =)

 x O - - - m O n i i Q u i i T a

comment bitchess*

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[March 20, 9:59 pm]



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[March 12, 9:54 pm]


ME N BB !! =DCollapse )

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[March 10, 4:27 pm]
things are soo dope right now
no issues .. everything with everyone is fine
especially my love =D
well i have my fone bak n i dont think im grounded
wh0o h0o
n last weekend i had a wedding w/ korey
it was funnn !
this weekend is guna b awesomee !!
biancas skipping school tomorrow to come over
n korey mite come too
n than saturday we r guna c the ring II
n me n korey r guna hook her up with this qt kid : willy
hes alexs cousin .. but yea .. dont feel like typing .. ttyl
x 0 x 0 : : moniiquiita*
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[February 25, 2:41 pm]
New LAyout keeping this one for a while .. <3 !!
iLySm : k0rEy
* i made the background myself .. =D YeAhH !!
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[February 24, 3:41 pm]

heyy all well have not updated in a loongg time so theres alot to talk about .. UPDATION TIME =) !!*

 - moniiquiita

i LoVe yOu aLL SoO fCuKiNg MuCh

=) o2.21 - mE n mY LoVe . .  2 mOnThS =)
UPDATION =)Collapse )

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[February 13, 9:20 pm]
[ mood | DeFFiNaTeLy iiN LoVe* ]

heyyyy! . . jsut got bak from quinces practice a lilwhile ago . . well lots happened
i got koreys valentines gift . . a watch . . =) its realllly nicceee!
glorias party was AWESOMEE!! tons of fun . . ((pics at the bottom))
i spent the whole weekend w / ivana . . k0ol dude!
i got my fone bak ((well . . kinda  .. =\ . ))
and . .
wh0op-wh0op . . cant wait . . 2 years in a row i've had the same valentine =)



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[February 9, 4:21 pm]
[ mood | h / / w blows! . . - <3 -k0rEy ]

 eyy! well nothin really has changed . . everythings cool  . . 0o yea ERIKAS BAKK!! lol . . =D yay!! i was soo happy wen i saw her . . it ws a while . . =\ . . sk0ol was h'0kAy . . nothin speshul  . . .korey came after school =) !! but we only shilled for like 10 minutes cuz i went home w/ ashleyy n he went home w/ scotty . .

this weekend my cousin is comin over i tihnk to spend the weekend . . havent done that in a while =\ n i duno wat im guna do about glorias party cuz my parents have a dinner for valentines on saturday and thats the day of glorias party n i duno if she'll mind me bringin her along aGhH! =\ HELP!? what-ev  . .no biggie

 thoughtd i'd update on u all on some pictures . . =D ya ?!  x 0 x 0 - > m0niiQuiiTa_*


mY PiicTuReS . . Collapse )

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[February 2, 10:48 am]
kinda bored . . =\ you'll see why
hehe lol

FiLL iiN tHe bLaNkS =)Collapse )
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[February 2, 10:07 am]
[ mood | cant waitt! wh0opwhop ?! ]

i didnt go to school to day!!
yeYuH!! im goin with erika to get her quiinces picss!
shes guna look soo prettay!
i fckuing ♥ that girl!
well i kno i havent updated in a while but shes about to
pick me up!
ii ♥ k0rEy ((a L w A y S ' n D f 0 r E v E r))

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[January 28, 4:15 pm]

     __ * | friends only . comment 2 bee added =) | * __

                          m || o || n || i || c || a  

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yAy!! CuTii! [January 23, 10:02 am]
[ mood | CuTe aSs j0uRnaL* ]

just fixed my journal . . . hope u alll like itt! =)
commentt ?!
i did ivanas tOo . . cHeCk iT ouT
<33 x 0 - m0niiquiiTa

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[January 22, 7:49 pm]
[ mood | funn funn weekend! ]

heyy ! well last nite was awesome it was stephys quinces . . n she looked s0o pretty. . we danced all nite long . . some minor things happened that will remain unspoken lol haha . . but it was awesome . . than finally wen it was time 2 go home . .i called ashiiquiitas momMa n convinced her to let ashaley sleep over . . 0o yea im good!! . . ne ways me ashiiquiita n erika came bak 2 my house n changed n started watchin t.v . . after erika left me n ashaley talked 2 our lovesss (tEhEeHe) n than we went 2 sleep around 2.3o-ish . . sixto woke me up so damn early i coulda killed her!! iLu* we took picturess n ate breakfast n she got pikked up n i had 2 go 2 soccer practice . . uGh!! suKkEd! ne ways got home took a shower n went to 2 parties back-to-back than came home . . i was supposed 2 go 2 the movies but that didnt exactly work out . . i wanted 2 go dolphin w/ korey but im exhausted . . but now that i think aobut it . . i wish i had gone =\ . . s0o what-ev's he's goin w/ scotty n peter . . some men-bonding time i guess LmFaO . . well i had tons of fun this weekend n i think im guna go catch up on some sleep i missed =) i love every single on of youu!

- > Feb.2 . . the patriots r s0o0o winning the superbowl ((i already made bets on it ))
- > i LoVe k 0 r E y ((a L w A y S a N d F O R E V E R)) =) x 0

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