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Possibly only part 1

 A Short Story


By Gemma Lister


A young girl in her early 20’s stood outside of a studio in LA waiting to go in to see her favourite actor appear on a chat show. As she queued she talked to all the excited people around her, she made a few friends and had a good laugh about what it would be like to meet the actor.

 When they entered the building there was a man with a clip board looking for volunteers to ask a question during the show. The girl jumped at the chance to talk to her idol, so she pushed passed the everyone in the big crowded room and asked the man if she could volunteer.

 “Hello there, what’s your name?” The man asked

“I’m Shawna.” She smiled at the man and blushed as he wrote her name down.

He explained to her that they’d be passing a microphone around the audience when the host of the show gets to the Q&A section. He also told her to breathe and try not to rush her words.

 After being told what to do the man patted her on the back and rubbed her shoulder, she thought it was a bit strange that he’d touched her on the back and shoulder, but had forgotten all about it when she through the door into the studio. She was so excited, as she sat down she realised she was sitting next to one of the girls that was outside with her. The eagerly hugged and greeted each other.

 Eventually the room calmed down and went silent as the lights faded and the lit up the stage area, it was like magic. The host sat on his big leather sofa making jokes about current events, then after a few minutes he introduced Shawna favourite actor, Chris Pine. She was star struck as he walked on to the stage and waved to the audience. She started to panic at the thought of asking him a question. It was going around over and over in her head, “What have I done. I’m going to make a fool of myself. Don’t stutter. Don’t faint!”

 The host of the show pointed into the audience about 15 minutes in and asked if there were any questions. Shawna’s heart started pounding so hard she could feel it in her throat, she was terrified.

 The first person got the microphone, she couldn’t stop giggling and was eventually told to sit down, they said they’d come back to her once she had calmed down. This made Shawna feel more apprehensive, but she told herself to breathe and that it’d be all ok.

 Two more people had asked silly questions like “What’s your favourite TV show,” Shawna laughed at that one and thought “He’s obviously going to say Star Trek”.

 Soon it came to her turn, but the host didn’t ask her to speak he told her to come on stage... Shawna’s heart raced and she could feel her face burning up. The girl next to her squealed and cheered. Shawna just stood there in shock, the man that had given her the microphone grabbed her hand and led her down the stairs to the stage.

 Chris stood up and greeted her with a warm hug, she was so happy, but still full of fear that she was going to do something stupid. The host winked at her and asked what her question was. She sat for a minute then spoke into the mic, “Um, I can’t remember what I wanted to ask!” embarrassed she buried her head in her hands, she didn’t cry but she was close to tears. She felt a hand around her waist and jumped at the thought of Chris Pine holding her. The audience started making “Awww” sounds and cheered for the frightened girl to speak.

 She sat up and smiled, “I can’t believe I forgot my question.”

Chris gave her another hug and comforted her. The host went back to the audience and asked some more people what their questions were, he was hoping hearing other people ask might jog her memory.

 “What’s your favourite drink?” A girl asked.
Chris just shrugged and said “Um, I’ll drink anything. As long as it’s not poison, obviously.”
Shawna laughed and turned to him, she whispered in his ear, “I think I remember my question now.”

 Chris shouted for the host to come back on stage “Hey, we’re ready over here!”
The audience laughed as the host jumped down from the stairs and ran over to his sofa.

 “Okay, so what was the question, young lady?” He asked Shawna with a grin.

“Um, it was; would you ever consider doing a musical movie?” Finally she felt proud of herself and felt more comfortable sitting next to her favourite actor.

“Woah, that’s a tough one,” Chris pondered the question for a while and answered “Yeah, I think I probably would. It’d be something different and I mean I’ve done some singing, so a musical could be pretty cool.”

The crowed now screaming and hooting at the prospect of a musical featuring Chris Pine.

 Shawna sat with Chris for the rest of the show, she joined in with their conversations and almost forgot that she was on TV.

 When the show finished she had a Polaroid photo taken with the host and Chris, which they both signed. She was over the moon.

 She got home and rewatched the whole show. She watched as people in the audience giggled while asking questions, then it got to her turn. She stared at the screen in shock, this wasn’t the kind of embarrassed shock people feel when watching themselves on TV, she was horrified. The lights were so bright in the studio they saw right through her top, everyone had seen her bright pink bra!

 Switching the TV off quickly she then sat and thought about how everyone was laughing... “Were they laughing at me at my bra!?” she was so upset she curled up on her sofa and cried.

 A few hours later she heard a knock at her door, it wasn’t a very loud knock just a little tap. She dragged herself up and shuffled to the door wrapped in her Snuggie. As she slowly opened the door she couldn’t believe her eyes, Chris Pine was standing in front of her with a big bunch of red roses.

 Shawna rubbed her eyes and cleared her throat, “W...What are you doing here!?”
“May I come in?” Chris asked and smiled at Shawna’s bright yellow Snuggie.

She opened the door fully and let him in, she quickly pulled off her Snuggie and asked if he wanted anything, a cup of tea or coffee?

 He told her to sit down, so she did. She sat on the chair opposite him and he sat on the sofa where she had just been curled up in tears.

 He reached over and held her hand, “I’m very sorry about what happened on the show, I had no idea the lights were, well so bright. I’m so sorry. I wanted to make it up to you by coming to see you.”

“Oh, thankyou. It really means a lot that you came to see me.” She blushed as a small tear rolled down her cheek.

 Chris gave her a hug and asked her if there was anything he could do to make it up to her. She didn’t know what to say. Leaning against his shoulder and said in a hushed voice, “I just want to be your friend.”

He chuckled and nudged her “Sure, I’d love to be your friend.”

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