gemARGH (_x_gleema_x_) wrote,

Maybe LJ isn't dead to me

My dreams are getting weirder and weirder.

Lastnights started with me meeting Sam Worthington, we made friends then he left his bimbo wife (I have no clue who she was but she was awful). So to get away from his, now ex wife, we got on his sailboat and left. When we were on the boat the dream was so real i could feel his stubbley face *giggles*. But yeah it was weird I could actually feel his hugs too...
Anyhoo then we stopped at Haiti for no apparent reason, we met Brad and Angelina there and they were telling us about some market place (that I'd apparently been to before) it had been ruined in, I assume the earthquake, but while we were there we had to run into a shop to hide from another earthquake!
Some how we ended up in a sport shop that had big steal shutters and saved ourselves from the earthquake...
Last thing I remember was holding Sam's hand then I woke up...

I'm such a freak sometimes, my dreams are more exciting than my actual life, which is pretty pathetic.
Oh wells.. back to reality now...
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