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In a perfect world [entries|friends|calendar]
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10:35pm June 29th]
[ mood | bored ]

49 The Used bases under the cut!

It's our time to shineCollapse )

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10:57pm June 9th]

yay, I'm finally updating!

I've got 4 lyric banner things for ya.. 2 The Used and 2 Brand New.


You can't keep a secret if it never was a secret to startCollapse )

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9:18pm May 30th]
[ mood | blah ]

I'm bored. I made 6 icons (one is an AIM icon).

Comment. Save. Credit. Enjoy.

ready, set, clickCollapse )

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4:06pm May 24th]

+8 Brand New and Bleed the Dream lyric icons behind the cut

follow thisCollapse )

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9:29pm May 20th]
Okay, my layout is currently under construction, in case you were wondering. So I'm using one of lj's default layouts... yeah.
Not anymore. I might not keep this one though.
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5:33pm May 20th]
[mood| Bored]

WoOt! I am currently taking requests.
I put a new 'request form' in my userinfo, if you wanna request something use the form. I'll be taking requests until 1:00 a.m. tonight (May 20th..21stish)-- or MAYBE later... if I'm still up and on the computer. So request because I'm bored.

5:16pm May 20th]
[mood| Hot ]

Random stuff behind the cut

And when she wakes you'll be a memory...Collapse )
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2:16pm May 19th]
[mood| Annoyed ]

So I've decided to screw the friends only thing and stick to public entries. It's not much different than posting stuff in a community, people could just steal it there anyway. And it'll be a lot easier when x-posting my stuff to just direct them here. So, yeah. I cheated with my mood set, in case anyone's wondering. I got it without having a paid account... it's too hard to explain so don't ask me. It took me like an hour to follow this tutorial I found. Um.. yeah if anyone wants to know how to get one without paying, ask me and I'll find the link later. Kay? Kay.
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