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i'm just a screwball redhead, brony/Pegasister, Lisa Frankophile...

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Animated Dogs (with awesome hair) are Love.


just a teeny-tiny handful of the fanlistings i've joined:
Many have probably moved, but eh, you can always find ALL the ones that currently exist at thefanlistings.org!

Lisa Frank is among the world's greatest artists.

lionking.org running sashamanectric

Insane lover of: Star Trek, My Little Pony, dogs, dog sports, fishes, marine life, all animals, the sea, nature, wildlife, animation, Disney, Pixar, Don Bluth, Tim Burton, Tarantino, movies, music, reading, good TV, theater, musicals, video games, card/board games, toys, travel, Pokemon, astronomy, the paranormal/occult, mysticism, scary stories, astrology, writing, horror, colors, holidays, the 4 seasons, learning, arts, sciences, shopping, catalogs, singing, dancing, classic/retro/vintage stuff, antiques, Lisa Frank, literature, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, game shows, homes, genealogy, mushrooms, squashes, plants, insects, swimming, water, flying, the outdoors, outdoor activities, fun, games and sports, extreme sports, martial arts, gymnastics, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, road trips, parks, skating, rollerblading, MANY actors/artists/authors/etc., bicycles, photography, fountains, birds, reptiles/amphibians, creepy crawlers, stickers, collecting, ice, snow, rain, storms, weather, architecture, archery, action, adventure, mystery, drama, comedy, fantasy, mythology, sci-fi, philosophy, history, entertainment, kid shows/movies/books/etc., furniture, furriness, cacti & succulents, Kokopelli, southwestern stuff, deserts, beaches, mountains, the countryside, cities, carnivorous plants, fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, Frisbees, personality types/tests, names, puzzles, crystals, gems, smooth/shiny/sparkly/translucent/transparent things, dreams, daydreaming, fantasizing, etc. ^__^

Favorite Star Trek characters:

Crusher. Data. Picard. Riker. Odo. Bashir. O'Brien. Bones. Spock. Scotty. Chekov. Doctor. Neelix. Tuvok. Seven. Archer. Phlox. Reed. Tucker. Q. Garak. Porthos. Livingston. Spot.

106.7 lite fm, adgth, afghan hounds, alan rickman, animagi, animals, animated movies, animation, anthropomorphism, aquariums, areyouafraidofthedark, astrology, baby-sitters club, beatrix kiddo, beatrix potter, bedlington terriers, bellatrix lestrange, bernadette peters, beyond belief, borzoi, broadway, cacti, cartoons, catfish, cats, cemeteries, daryl hannah, deadly viper assassination squad, diners, disney, dog shows, dogs, dollhouses, don bluth, elle driver, esp, evp, fannie flagg, feminism, fishes, franz liebkind, french, fried green tomatoes, furry, fwoopers, game shows, german, ghosts, ginga densetsu weed, ginga nagareboshi gin, golden girls, goosebumps, gourds, green living, hamlet, hauntings, helena bonham carter, hercules, homes, horror, hunchback of notre dame, i love lucy, ichthyology, idgie threadgoode, intj, into the woods, jafar, katanas, kill bill, kokopelli, languages, laverne and shirley, lisa frank, lolita, lurchers, marine life, mario kart, marshmallow peeps, milo and otis, mixed martial arts, mushrooms, musicals, narcissa malfoy, nature, neon colors, neoshipping, nickelodeon, noggin, nostalgia, nudibranchs, numerology, occult, oliver and company, outdoor activities, paganism, paranormal, paranormal investigation, parapsychology, pastel colors, pixar, pleather, plecos, plushies, pokémon, polly pocket, poodles, pumpkins, quentin tarantino, randall boggs, rankin/bass, reincarnation, road rovers, roadside attractions, saltwater fish, salukis, scandinavia, scary stories, scottish deerhounds, scuba diving, shakespeare, sighthounds, silken windhounds, soft rock, south park, spirituality, spongebob, star trek, steel magnolias, stephen sondheim, stingrays, tales from the crypt, tales from the darkside, tangs, team rocket, the brave little toaster, the craft, the future is wild, the lion king, the little mermaid, the producers, the ring, theatre, therianthropy, travel, traveling pants, tropical fish, uma thurman, vibrant colors, winnie the pooh, ya-ya sisterhood