peace yo

you're lovely, and i love it.

"I wish i had a parachute cause i think im falling bad for you"

"I'm completly alone, at a table of friends."

I am invisible and so are you.
I dont feel anything twords you or anyone else at the moment.
Who'dve thought the cold could be this lonley and having your eyes closed while I sleep next to you could make me feel so dark.
I'm obligated,you're making me smile.
I have no dreams,you have no shadows.
I think you lost yours along time ago.
I couldnt get a hat as fancy as yours.
So I think i'd like nothing more than to sit in your bed and wear it.
Everything is everything,and when you have nothing thats finally something.
I think i need another drink,another sip,another drizzle.
Dinners,dates,updates and the morning.It's pouring through your window and its time for you to go.
And I'll just lay here until you get back.So please do.Your hands are like a desert and my hands are like a heat wave all over your spine.
Although my bags are packed and I look out your balcony so small so small, i have to go you want me to stay. but i have to go again...and allways.
no one belives me when i say that im good at leaving but i guess im right this time you're all wrong.I've already left.

I will see you soon, dont you weep.