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Wizarding Wireless Network

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Get to know the people behind the voices you listen to each day on the WWN - The Wizarding Wireless Network, bringing news and entertainment to your homes for nearly sixty years.

Ezekiel Brunderbluss

A name you've known and trusted for nearly half a century. Continue to invite Ezekiel into your home as he guides you through the events that impact our daily lives. His experience as an Anchor heads into its twenty-first year, placing him as the leader in his chosen field. In the mass of ever changing names, stick with the one who cares enough to bring you the truth.

Horace Knickerbocker

For an objective view of the current political climate, including a careful watch on those we trust to govern us, accompany Horace as his expertise in bypassing diversions, enables him to ask the questions you want answered. With over twenty years experience traversing press conferences, Ministry and other official events, Horace is the one to turn to when you need to know.

Anastasia Witherpool

Join our roving reporter, Anastasia, as she gets the story from the scene! This lady has a nose for news and her warm open beauty and demeanor inspires confidence in all - this is the reporter people want to talk to.

Lachlan Peasegood

A rising star in the journalistic world, Lachlan has a knack for making up uncovering the most 'creative' startling news. We predict a big future for this young man.

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Rita Skeeter

Direct from print! Listen to Rita's grating melodious voice deliver all the entertainment and society news this lady has become infamous for! Whether it's an in depth personal interview, handled with her own unique blend of empathy and insight, or informing you what the movers and shakers are up to, Rita Skeeter is the one you turn to!

Pierce Fortitude

Missing since the twelfth of December, 2005. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Fortitude or the lead he was following at the time of his disappearance, please contact the station or the nearest Auror.

Evanrude Pilliwickle

Evanrude is an inspiration to us all, his commitment to keeping our listeners safe and informed leading to his on air death during the Hogsmeade attack of August 27, 2000. We extend all our heartfelt condolences and best wishes to the Pilliwickle family. Rest in Peace. For a recording of the broadcast in question owl our sales department.

This is the Wizarding Wireless Network for the RP group __lightning__. "Broadcasts" are made in character, but out of game and readers are welcome to comment on the threads posted in the _wwn_ journal.

Feedback is encouraged and appreciated!

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